Sunday, October 17, 2010


My sister has never been conventional. Ever. Why would her wedding be any different? After deciding to have an 'at home wedding' (think Father of the Bride), she moved her wedding date up to 10-10-10. My parents busted their butts for months to make the backyard beautiful, with some help from Eric:) It turned out beautifully! Here are some pictures from her big day:

Delaney showing us her 'new fingers'.

Ladies in the Bride room

Delaney watching Aunt Danielle get into her corset:)

Delaney LOVED seeing her in her beautiful princess dress

Danielle getting ready

Mom and Danielle

Once Danielle had her dress on, Delaney had to have her princess dress on too.

Very Pleased

This is Delaney throwing a minor fit because she did not have a 'hat' like Aunt D (aka a veil:)

Delaney with Granddaddy who looked "bery pretty".

The girls

Delaney and Brody

Rachel, Missy, Stacy and Me

Danielle and Joe

The boys


Mom. Joe. Danielle, Daddy


The Gecks (sorry the sun is in your face Joe)

The flower girl and bride

I love this one:)


Our brother, Josh, Danielle and me (no I am not pregnant, I don't know why my hand is like that)

We don't have many from the reception.... I am not quite sure why. Let me just say how beautiful it was. My parents did a great job. The evening was spent chasing kids until about 8 when Eric's mom put them to bed at our house and we were free to dance and have fun!

This is what Brody enjoyed doing.

Here is the cake that Eric and I made- he did so much of it!

It was a great wedding....we love you Danielle and Joe and wish you all the happiness in the world.


  1. I love weddings-and the cake looks spectacular!

  2. It was a beautiful day! We really are so blessed with our family and friends! Thanks for everything you and Eric did to make it special for Danielle and Joe -- xoxo Mom

  3. you did a great job maid of honor! you looked beautiful, delaney was so precious, brody was adorable and the cake was amazing! plus your parents' backyard was incredible! danielle had a perfect wedding :)


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