Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Conversation

Delaney woke up from her nap today and came out to find me all cozy on the couch. She quickly climbed up next to me and said, "Mommy, get me cozy too." So I covered her up in our blanket and turned on Mickey's Once Upon A Christmas. Brody was still sleeping so it was just the two of us...for like 45 minutes. She asked me for a snack, I asked what she would like, she told me she would like some 'chocolick milk and a nola bar'. I fetched her snack and sat down next to my 3 year old daughter and just stared. I couldn't believe how fast these past three years have gone. I was just staring at her hair, that is now almost to her butt, her eyes, that have the shape of Eric and Kaylie's but are the color of mine and of course, her gloves were on her hands and dancin' shoes on her feet... and I was in awe.

She quickly snapped me back into reality as she said, "Mom... why are you just looking at me? Watch Mickey Christmas". I turned my attention back to the movie and Santa was on at this point. Here is how the rest of the conversation went.

Delaney:  "I want to sow Santa and Mrs. Claus my gloves."
Me: "We can't right now, he is at his house in the North Pole. We will see him next month."
Delaney: "Oh. Okay. When I see him I will show him.
Me; "That sounds good. What are you going to tell him you want for Christmas?"
Delaney: "Um....probably a helicopter."
Me: "A helicopter?"
Delaney: "Yep. Like one for kids not big ones probably."
Me:" Okay..... what do you think Brody wants?"
Delaney:" Um... he really wants a monkey."
Me: " A monkey, huh? What kind of monkey?"
Delaney: "You know...a black one. A black monkey that says ee ee oo oo and poops and farts"
Me: "Lovely..."
Delaney: "I really want to tell Santa now."
Me:" Well, you can't now, but we can next month."
Delaney: "No Mommy... you don't talk to him only me and Brody. You have been bery, bery naughty."

I know this probably doesn't interest anyone, but I really want to remember it:)


  1. I think you need to film her asking Santa for a helicopter and black monkey....that has to be a first!

  2. No, you're wrong. Kid conversations are one of my FAVORITE types of blogs!! I'm still telling the story of sweet Delaney telling everyone, after my awesome ballet performance, "Ami, that was beautiful. Everyone, clap for Ami." LOVE that girl!!

  3. oooh what have you done to be on the naughty list nicole???

  4. I agree with Ami. I love it! That just cracks me up.
    I have had those same moments on the couch with Jaxon. It's amazing what we have made!

  5. Adorable! And yes, Ami told that story to most all of kinder-3rd grade at our inservice about Delaney and the ballet. And, like Sarah, I would like to know how you have been naughty : )


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