Friday, November 12, 2010

They didn't see it comin'

So it's late, I am super tired, I have had a super long day and I have no idea what to blog about. So here is a very random post!!!

Last night my mom and I were at Michaels looking for cake stuff and checking out all the awesome Christmas decorations. If you know me or my mother, then you know that we love us some Christmas village houses.... a lot. Eric has somewhat limited my Christmas decorations these days ( I have a crap load, I must admit) so I was trying to find something small that he wouldn't notice. Well, we wandered over to the Christmas village and took turns saying. " I want this one" or " this one is so cute".

 Then suddenly, my mom gets this serious look on her face and says, "I don't really think this guys goes in here." I looked and here is what was sitting on the railroad track, behind the Polar Express..

I thought this was freaking hilarious!! This big, ol' ugly red dragon that was as big as the houses!! Oh it was great!!

If you look very, very closely. you can see the big scary dragon about to breath fire on all the super happy Christmas towns folk...

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