Saturday, November 13, 2010

"Cinnamon, Animal, Ornament"

My friend, Ami, did a "Like mother, like daughter" post and that got me thinking.... how is Delaney like me? Yes, we have the same nose and she is slightly dramatic (I have been told that is a trait of mine, but I don't see it), but it was my lovely mother who pointed out something that Delaney and I have in common. See we both have a small problem saying particular words correctly. If you know me, then you know that I can't say certain words, that have a certain letter combination.

For instance, animal.... comes out 'aminal' and ornament....comes out 'ormanent' and cinnamon....comes out 'cimmanon'. It's a problem, I admit it, but it's me.I just try not to say those words! Delaney doesn't have that exact problem, yet. Delaney hears what you are saying, but then decides to change it completely.

Here are some examples of past and current 'Delaney-isms'

Correct                                    Delaney way
~Tinkerbell                              ~Pia
~Motorcycle                            ~GoGocycle
~Bob the Builder                     ~Cock the Builder (no that's not a mis-print)
~Cinderella                             ~Tinkerella
~Mom                                    ~Bob
~Trampoline                           ~1,2,1,2
~Speed bumps                        ~up downs
~Santa Claus                          ~Seenta Clows
~Aunt Cortney                        ~Aunt Cookie
~Cowboy                               ~Partner
~Cake                                    ~cookie cake
~Aunt Danielle                        ~Aunt D
~Headband                             ~Hairbane
~Amber                                  ~yogurt
The newest one cracks me up. She got a Rapunzel doll for her birthday, and now she calls her "Pickled Pepper".

This is just a sample of my daughter's inventive vocabulary. The thing is, she speaks very clearly and knows everything that she is saying, she is just creative.

Like mother, like daughter.


  1. i get all of them except the last one... amber is yogurt? that one needs some explaining!

  2. I love, love, love her creative, inventive language - and it's infectious. When your dad wanted me to help him move the trampoline last month, he said, "come and help me move the 1-2, 1-2." And it always cracks me up when we're going over a speedbump - because without missing a beat, we both say together - "uuuuup.....dddddown.."
    xoxo mom

  3. I remember those days at school making you say "animal." The zoo report days were the best!

  4. It's a good thing you have a blog, otherwise she'd never believe her crazy words! Cute cute cute

  5. Thank goodness you can decipher-LOL!


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