Monday, November 8, 2010

A girl and her shoes

Delaney is just like every other girl. She loves shoes. The problem is, she loves shoes so much that she ALWAYS has to wear them! No kidding. She wears them all day, with her jammies, with her clothes, sometimes just with just her chonies on. She even gets up in the middle of the night and puts them on after I have taken them off of her after she has fallen asleep. Sometimes, she goes into the kitchen (we keep most of the shoes in a basket there), in the middle of the night, and finds the pair of shoes she was looking for and puts them on! Right now, she is on her 'danicin shoes' kick. Aunt Cookie (Aunt Cortney) bought Delaney a set of 6 pairs of princess dress up shoes for her birthday and Delaney was so excited. So right now, she always has on her dancin' shoes; and I don't know why she calls them that.

Her dancin shoes (and yes that is dirt all over her foot)

Hmm...... now there's a look

Nothin' but class here at the Mikks


  1. Her dancing shoes-ah, mom, these are the days you will look back and smile about! :)

  2. i'm thinking they are her "dancin' shoes" because cinderella dances at the ball? just a wild guess :) she's too cute! these pics are total blackmail material for when she gets older ;)

  3. You are in such trouble when she's old enough to say, "Let's go to the mall, mom...I need some new shoes."

    I love this post. It's so Delaney!

  4. I LOVE it! I wish I could wear my "dancin' shoes" to bed. She is the cutest girl EVER!!


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