Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Great Mouse Hunt

If you know my dad, then this post, will crack you up. If you don't. let me explain. My dad is a man's man. He wears leather and rides a Harley. He rides with the Patriot Guard (a motorcycle group that escorts fallen soldiers to their final resting place, while protecting their families from protesters). He was a fighter pilot. He is an airline pilot. He can fix or build anything. He will get a snake out of the house without hesitation. He will run down the street wearing cowboy boots to catch some punks egging the house. He will do anything for you, if you get into his 'circle of trust'.

Why is this funny? Apparently my daddy, has a small fear. He is afraid of mice. This all transpired when he and my mom were searching through the shed for the turkey fryer and the Christmas decorations. I have been told that there was a pack rat the 'size of a small terrier" in the shed.

My dad was trying to clear out all the crap, but was afraid that the rat was going to run up his pants (apparently when he and my mom first got married, a mouse ran up a towel and wouldn't come he is convinced this will happen again). Just the thought of that cracked me up, but when she told me that he made her tie straps around his ankles so that it couldn't run up his pants, I was laughing. And then when she told me that he had a ski pole to protect himself- I almost peed my pants. Then I saw it in person and it was even funnier. But the best was when he told the kids that they need to be careful because if he sees the rat, he will turn and run, no matter who was in the way, I knew this was a problem- his problem :)

It was so funny.... here are some photos to remember this event. Love ya daddy!

The crap stuff that needed to come out int order to go on the rat hunt.

There's daddy... if you look closely, you can see his pant legs tied up... and yes he has a ski pole in his hand

Nice look daddy.


  1. Fellow hunter,"Mouse Stalker"

    I don't mean to be a party pooper but did you get a permit for that trophy mouse? What did the skull measure? Did it make the 3 inch Boone and Crocket limit? I immediately recognize your mad stalking skills.

    Respectfully, Deer Slayer

    P.S. I find that duct tape works better for the little critters.

  2. OMG I kept laughing louder each line that I read...having met your Dad this does seem very unlike him!


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