Friday, November 19, 2010

Only Delaney

Tonight as we were doing our nightly routine, my daughter, had us belly laughing. At around 7:00, the kids take a bath. Eric sits in the bathroom with them while I get their pajamas ready and then he washes them and we get them out. It pretty funny because Brody always goes with Eric and Delaney always goes with me.... and we get them dressed. They brush their teeth and eat their Juice Plus gummy and run out into the living room. They get cozy on the couch, with their milk, and we turn on Sprout. The Good Night Show is killer. The kids LOVE  Caillou. Eric and I, not so much, but oh well.

Tonight, Delaney was snuggling up next to me when she lifts up her jammies, turns onto her belly and says, with a straight face, "Mommy, pet me."  I ask her, "What did you say?" "Pet me", she said again. Ummm.... okay. So I rub her back for a bit. She then rolls over and tells me to pet her belly. Seriously? Where does she come up with this stuff?

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  1. WEIRD! Jaxon asks me to pet him all the time! That is hysterical. I am so glad my child isn't the only strange one!


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