Monday, November 1, 2010

Here I Go Again

It's November 1. That means NaBloPoMo (National log Posting Month) and that means a lot of posts. Right now, my life is so crazy and so up in the air, that maybe, just maybe, this need to post everyday, will help me have some feeling of normalcy (whatever that is). Does this make sense.
 See here's what's happening.... we have a lot of things that are changing right now and we don't have any answers really, so my head is in a constant state of panic and fear. Fear of the unknown and for that matter, fear of what may become known. Our lives right now are crazy. Who knows what special surprise is in store for us tomorrow, but darn it, this blog will be there.

I am starting a new career this week. I am now an independent distributor for Premier Designs. Yep. I am going to be a jewelry lady. I know what you are thinking.... yeah, what could you possibly wear with sweatpants??? Well, first don't forget, sweatpants are sexy and second, I am starting to dress better (with some help). So, anyways, one more thing in my life is changing, but I know this is a positive one.

Oh yeah, and I have a 3 year old and an eighteen month old who are bundles of energy and never (and I do mean never) sit still. I know that my family and friends like to read about them and see pictures of their many adventures and I have been slacking lately. Not anymore people, not any more. For the next 30 days, I will bore you with every detail that comes to mind, because darn it, I will post everyday.

So here is my first one..... and here are some random pictures of the kids.

My friends, Ami and Anabelle, are also crazy and going for NaBloPoMo so check em out!


  1. EEEK! What have we done??? I feel just like you, Life if crazy! So why not add one more thing to do each day? Good luck my friend! We can do it!

  2. I'm excited for your new career and the blogs of your adorable kids!

  3. Cheering you on, honey. ALWAYS cheering you on!
    xoxo Mom

  4. Yeah, I'm excited to see your blogs everyday!! Have fun! By the way your kids are stinken cute!!


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