Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Party in the Park

We had Delaney's birthday party last week and it was lots of fun. I love that her birthday is in October and Brody's is in April because it is perfect park weather. And I love the park, because that means I don't have to clean my house! I wanted Delaney to have a cute tutu to wear.... so I made one. That's right.... I made it! In true Delaney form, she wore it for a total of 5 minutes and then it was shoved in a bag, but the effort was there!

I was a bad mom and didn't make a cake. Don't misunderstand me.... I am not saying that if you don't make a cake then you are a bad mom, but since I started making 'fancy cakes' and I didn't make her one, I felt super guilty. I made a crap load of cupcakes with all different color sprinkles, cake balls with rainbow sprinkles and my mom made jack-o-lantern cookies. Lots of sugar!

We had pizza and the kids played. It is so easy! The entertainment is built in! I love it!

Some party goers.

The Bunchkins were there too.... with Jace along for the ride.

Brody and Colton (I think)

Delaney pushing Brody

Granddaddy and Poppa

Hunter's going in!

Not quite sure what the face is all about...

Blowing out her 'shree' candles

At one point I looked around at the park and had a moment. I was so touched that everyone is there to celebrate our little girl's birthday. I know people we love couldn't make it and they were missed dearly, but I was also just amazed at the love that we have with all of our family and friends. We are truly blessed.

Keep Scrolling....

On a side note, I gave Eric the camera to take pictures while she was opening presents and here is what happened:

Delaney opening presents....

Delaney opening presents....

Oh wait.... Delaney is still opening presents but somehow we missed it.....
Eric's truck


Back to Delaney opening presents.



  1. The pictures of Eric's truck are hysterical!!

    Happy belated Birthday Delaney! I can't believe she's 3! I remember the day we found out you were pregnant so clearly!

  2. sorry we missed the party, looks like y'all had fun :) your kiddos are too cute :)


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