Saturday, November 27, 2010

O Christmas Tree

Today was another Griswold moment for me. The big kids are with us this weekend so we decided to decorate the Christmas tree. I envisioned this wonderful day, where all the kids were happy, the little would be in total awe of the tree, Christmas music would be playing in the background, the tree would turn out like a Pottery Barn catalog and I would look skinny in all pictures.

Not. So. Much. First of all, my parents came over yesterday and surprised us with a new Christmas tree. It is BEAUTIFUL!!! I was so excited! During the little kids nap we set it up.

Our new tree.

 When Delaney woke up from her nap and walked down the hallway and said, "Oh wow! Mommy, that is beautiful. Thank you so much for my birthday Christmas tree. I love it. It is amazing!" Seriously made me tear up. Then when Brody woke up we wanted to capture it on film... so here is his reaction:

Happy boy

Apparently. I was trying for a bit more of a reaction...

So then it was time to decorate. I opened the box and envisioned this peaceful, joyous experience and was sorely mistaken. Delaney was frustrated with the hooks, but did a great job piling them on top of each other on the same 3 branches. And Brody, well, Brody found two of Eric's car ornaments and played with them during the ENTIRE process. Instead of music playing, we had Christmas Vacation on (which was okay, it's one of my favorite movies). And the tree is somehow does NOT look like Pottery Barn-weird!! We have figured out that we are going to have to move the ornaments a couple of feet up because Brody man has a tendency to grab and throw. Not just toss, freakin throw. His tantrums have gotten completely out of control. AWESOME!!!

Getting frustrated.

Daylen helping out.

This is as close as Brody got to the tree.

Brody helping

I guess I am annoyed. Shocking.

Brody helping.


Anyway, the tree is up. We then decided to take Brody for a haircut and then went to the store. When we got home, we grilled burgers and Kaylie helped make dinner. We finished our day with a great dinner, as a family, laughing and talking. And then while drinking a margarita and eating oreos, we watched my favorite Friends episode- The one when they are in Vegas. (Alex- I can't watch this without thinking of you- Mrs.Ross:)

Getting his haircut/

Kaylie cutting veggies for dinner.


  1. I am so glad I am not the only one that has these grand visions of how things are supposed to turn out! I hate having high expectations sometimes! Anyway, I think the tree looks beautiful... Pottery Barn worthy for sure! :)

  2. The tree looks gorgeous! I think Prestton and Brody must be distant relatives; he THROWS everything too... and you have heard Lil Miss Trynnity. At least SOME else has heard her screaming tantrums: ) LOL!!!! 28 days to go till the big HOHOHO!

  3. Did you check the tree for squirrels? Hellloooo Mrs. Ross!


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