Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Day 2010

I gotta admit.... I LOVE Christmas morning. My parents always made it magical for us. Even when we were teenagers, my dad would ask us what Santa brought and we would try and sneak stocking stuffers into our parents stockings. It was always fun. The past couple of years have been fun, but I knew THIS year was going to be a blast. Delaney finally understood what was going on. She knew Santa was coming and was supposed to eat the cookies. She knew that there were presents involved. She was looking forward to it. So Christmas morning rolls around and we can hear Brody in his crib saying, "Momma?" "Daddy?" "Nana?" so we knew we should get up. I am happy to report though that the time was about 8:00.... not too shabby. I really wanted the kids to go out into the living room together so we woke up Delaney. Crazy, I know.

When we woke her up, we told her that Santa had come and man did she fly out of bed fast! The kids ran down the hall and Delaney completely ignored all the presents and went straight to the tin of crumbs that Santa had left. She was so excited!!! Then she saw her new stuff....

Her "big girl bike" as she calls it.

And there is the helmet

Delaney got a bike with a helmet and Brody got a Chuck truck and another front loader thing. Delaney was obsessed with her bike. We put her helmet on her and she didn't take it off for hours. Literally. Brody was slightly afraid of the Chuck truck. It rattles, shakes, talks, honks, spins, whatever. He would run to Eric after pressing the buttons each time.

The front loader

Being guarded by daddy while he tries to figure out if Chuck is trustworthy

The kids opened their stockings while we waited for Danielle, Joe, my mom and Eric's dad to come over. The morning was spent opening gifts, eating, and laughing.

Sorry it's so blurry....

Delaney opening her stocking, with the helmet on

Opening a present, with the helmet on

Yes, even going potty, with the helmet on

When the little kids went down for their nap, Eric went to get the big kids. When they got there, it was their turn to open presents (we put a couple aside for the little kids earlier). Eric's mom and step-dad came over with gifts and Delaney FINALLY got to try out her bike!

She was awesome!!!! Brody has now inherited her old tricycle and he is trying really hard to keep up.

The big kids opening their stockings

Trying it out

That's right....barefoot and wearing a short sleeve shirt on Christmas Day

Daylen on his new scooter

Seriously, when did she get this big?????

Kaylie helping Brody with the quad

Daylen watching the kids

Brody cheering Delaney on yelling, "GO!"

That evening Eric's dad and brother were over and we had our usual Chicken enchilada soup for Christmas dinner. The kids were exhausted and our house wasn't even that messy when we moved in, but it was totally worth it. Having a happy family makes everything better.

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