Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve at the Kelley's (my family) has always been memorable. We always go to church, go home and eat chili (with cut up hot dogs in it) and then we all sit down and watch White Christmas. Yes, the White Christmas with Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye... ( is Clark Griswold screaming in your head right now?) This year was a bit different though. My dad had a trip (Airline Pilot) and randomly had a Tucson layover. Being the kind, selfless people that they are, my parents invited the crew to our house on Christmas Eve so they didn't have to spend it alone. The co-pilot accepted their invitation and we decided that watching White Christmas would be out this year- we really didn't want to freak out a perfect stranger with our sing-a-longs and dance routines (visual? that's right, that's how we do it)

Anyway, it was still a great night and I am so happy that we could make someone's holiday a little less lonely.

We started the evening with church. Delaney was totally confused because the last time she was in the 'big church' was Danielle's wedding. She said, "Wow Mommy, all these friends are here for Aunt D's weddin"  (that's just how she says it too). We armed ourselves with popcorn, fruit loops, pretzels, lollipops and coloring books. The kids did a great job! At one point, during a quiet time, Delaney yells, "YEAH BABY" which then cracks everyone up around us. Then, during one of the carols, she tells my sister, "This song is really freaking me out". And yet another Delaney moment happened when the lights were coming back on and she yells, "Why is it daylight in here now?" Ugh....only Delaney.

This was before her angelic moment

 But then she held a candle with Eric and looked totally angelic. That was a moment I will never forget. After church, we tried to get a family picture. Well, it didn't work out so well, but it is what it is.....

We got back to my parent's house, had chili and then let the little kids open their presents from my parents since my dad was going back on his trip in the morning. Brody was hilarious.... he opened the first present form my sister and when he saw that it was a huge truck, with little trucks inside, he wouldn't open anything else. Delaney, on the other hand, was so much fun to watch. She was loving life.

Another attempt

Maybe a different background..... nope, not so much.

Then I tried to get pictures of the kids, Delaney was all over it... Brody, not so much

Showing us her snowman

Ripping into them!

Danielle helping Brody.....

Totally excited!

After presents, we put their new Christmas jammies that Santa's elves left (or if you ask Delaney, it was baby Jesus) and we poured them into the car bribing them with the thought of Santa coming.

In his jammies

We got home and Delaney really wanted to put cookies out for Santa. She wanted them on the ottoman so that he didn't miss them. They got into their beds and were so excited for the next day.

Eric and I got out all the 'goods' and finished wrapping everything. We went to bed around midnight and couldn't wait for the next morning either.

Tomorrow.... Christmas day!


  1. I actually really like all your attempts at a family photo! You guys look so cute! And you KNOW Clark Griswold is always screaming in MY head, just like it does yours! :) That's probably why we're good friends! :)

  2. Too cute. The family photos aren't bad either. Glkad tou had a wonderful time.


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