Wednesday, December 15, 2010

"Ho Ho Ho"

Yesterday we went to see Santa. I have been prepping Delaney for this for a couple weeks now.... last year, did not go so well. I thought this year might be okay because she did so well with all the characters in Disneyland. I asked her, yet again, what she was going to tell Santa she wanted for Christmas and again, she said a helicopter (crap....gotta get a helicopter) and Brody wants a black monkey. I was seriously nervous for her to sit on his never know what is going to come out of that child's mouth. I was afraid she would tell him that she has been naughty because she says bad words like, shut up, stupid and son a bitch (this has been a reoccurring conversation lately- for real).

My parents came with me for 'help' but really I think they just wanted to see the comedy first hand. Luckily we went in the morning and there was no line. Delaney saw Santa right away and he was a sweetie and waved at her. Then she got a bit nervous. Instantly, she grabbed Granddaddy's hand a her finger went in her mouth (but no ear plugging!!). Brody saw him too.... his look of concern was instant. He calls Santa "Ho Ho Ho" and he does it in a low voice that makes you smile.

"I not scared"

Brody: What the heck is that guy??

Hmmm...he seems okay.

We started the journey at the magical mailbox where they are able to throw their wishes into it and snow flies out at them. Delaney- not a fan and Brody got the shivers like we gave him a shot of tequila or something. Then they head over to the Naughty or Nice station and press the button. Delaney was worried....

Pressing the button. Ready to find out her fate. I naughty or nice today  (she got nice:)

Brody's turn

Then it was time. Time to meet the big guy. We strategically planned our attack. My dad would put Delaney down and my mom would put Brody down and I would snap the picture. Delaney was 'beary brave' and held onto to that big, fluffy man- who by the way, was the same man who pinched me last year! Anyway, Brody froze. His arms were out like 'somebody get me the heck outta here' and his mouth was open in shock. Delaney told Santa what they wanted and I quickly grabbed Brody before he had flipped out and slapped him. He looked at Santa and said, "Bye Guy" in his deep voice.

Seriously... Brody

Mom.... wth?

Nana? Anyone?

We finished off our mall adventure by looking at helicopters and cars and Brody got a ride on Granddaddy.

Waiting to see the pictures

Checking em out with Granddaddy

Nana and Delaney checking out the helicopters

Brody hitchin a ride. 


  1. Very cute:) When we went because my mom wanted to get a picture of her with them and Santa mom gave Jason to Santa who started crying and then was ok. James wasn't all that thrilled and Jessica was very good with it. Glad all went well.

  2. aww too cute. Laughing @ Brody's face. Adorable.


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