Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Review: Great stocking stuffer!

I was totally excited when I was asked to do a review. Then, she said I would be reviewing screwdrivers. Hmmm.... okay, still excited, but don't know anything about screwdrivers (except what I learn from Phillipe and Turner on Handy Manny), but I have a husband who knows TONS.

Well, I received my screwdriver and was excited about how cute it was. Yes, I realize that using screwdriver and cute in the same sentence could have me kicked out of Home Depot, but seriously....

I received a Husky, 13-piece Powertek Precision Screwdriver set. It has cordless power precision and 12 screwdriver bits. I asked Eric about it and he got right to work checking it out. His consensus? It's awesome. While it's not strong enough to "rebuild a carburetor", it is a great tool for all the indoor projects that always require those small screwdrivers, that you know you have, you can just never find them. This is a MUST HAVE for Christmas this year. All those toys that have those teeny, tiny screws that you have to loosen and put  $50 worth of batteries in before they can even play with it- this is perfct for. Plus, it is quiet so when Santa is putting together that must have toy at 3:00 in the morning, he won't wake the little ones.

The nerd in me really likes the stand that it sits in, which holds all the bits (I really don't know if the case is intended to be used with it all the time, but I like it and I know where all the bits are).

So there ya have it. A great stocking stuffer if you ask me (and Eric:)

For more information check out http://huskytoolsnews.com/

**I was provided a set of tools for my review**

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  1. I don't know much about screwdrivers but is sound nice. I have a screwdriver set for the basic stuff around the house and it's pink and cute..lol. I'd be kicked out of home Depot right along with you. :-)


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