Sunday, December 12, 2010

"I so excited!"

Last night we went on our annual walk through Winterhaven (a neighborhood that has some elaborate exterior illumination). I told Delaney about it earlier in the day and she was super excited!

Ready to go. She wore her hat and mittens the whole way there.

 We had some chili for dinner then loaded up in the killer mini van and made our way to the festivities. We left a lot later than I had planned so I was a little nervous how Brody would do (he really likes his bedtime). He looked so confused getting out of the car at night, I know his body was probably saying, "Um... it's time for Caillou and night time", but he handled it okay.

Yes, mis-matched, but warm.

We loaded the kids in the stroller and started walking. Delaney was seriously excited. It was so funny! Her excitement was apparent when we saw the Circle K on the corner and she screamed, "Oh wow! It's beautiful! I lub it mom. It's amazing!" After that I knew the houses would be a hit.

Boy was I right. The kids flipped when we saw the first house! Brody kept pointing and saying , "WOW!" Then ALL the horses came by pulling the people on the wagons. It was hysterical!


There are two houses that do a Bellagio type show- one with water and everything! Brody's eyes were huge the whole time and Delaney was screaming how awesome it was the whole time. At one point, we let the out and we pulled over to the side to let the horses go by and Delaney was yelling, "Beary Christmas!" "Happy Holidays!" It was adorable.

His eyes were huge!

The kids were great! Daylen rode his scooter while Kaylie and I dodged all the stupid people that were unaware that there are other people in the world besides them.

In front of the 'Princess House'


Brody and Eric.
Back to the Christmas spirit...... Brody hit his exhaustion limit and had a mini meltdown and Delaney cried all the way back to the car because she didn't want to go bye bye.

But.... we got a good picture:)

Next year, I am thinking a wagon or just letting them both walk. It will be so fun!!!

P.S. Check back tomorrow for a really cool review I was asked to do....perfect stocking stuffer for the man in your life!


  1. that's so sweet, I love when the kids get excited about stuff, it just makes it so much better

  2. Could they BE any cuter??? Just sayin'....
    xoxo Mom

  3. I love seeing Christmas through a little kids eyes!

  4. Delaney's pose kills me!! Both of you kids are so freakin' cute!!


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