Saturday, January 15, 2011

"I am going to a movie player!"

Last week Eric told me that I should take Delaney to see Tangled while it was still in the theatre and have a girls day. So, that's what we did today! Delaney was so excited to ride in Nana's car.... she always rides in the killer mini-van, so this was quite a treat. She talked NON-STOP all the way to breakfast. She asked what different buildings were, what new sounds she was hearing and then she asked Nana to just drop her off at the mall and "You and Mommy go eat breakfast, not me". Good grief, she is only 3 and she is wanting to be dropped off at the mall already?

We ate breakfast at Denny's and Delaney was excited to order her own breakfast because the menu was in pictures. Then, she was even more excited that she was allowed to butter her own pancakes. It was extremely disgusting, but fun to watch. She kept calling the butter, ice cream, and didn't listen when we told her that it was yucky and took a big bite and promptly got the willies and needed a drink. Her face was priceless.

Such a big girl.

"Look, I got a knife. It's beary pokie"
Relax, Dad... we had it under control:)

" I do it all myself"

After breakfast, it was off to see Tangled! The only other time Delaney has been in a theatre was when she was 16 months old and it was to see The Velveteen Rabbit (which my mom co-wrote) in Denver. I was 7 months pregnant with Brody! Wow....seems like yesterday. Anyhow, we went up the big alibator (escalator) and spent a fortune on popcorn and sodas and found our seats for the movie (which Delaney calls a movie player, not theatre) I dunno if you remember or not, but Delaney calls Rapunzel, Peter Punzel. Not sure why exactly, but that's what she calls her. She was so cute during the movie!!! If you haven't seen it, you should, very cute! There are a couple scary parts and Delaney quickly plugged ears and then shouted questions to my mom, but other than that, she did great.

Small detour on the way in.... had to take a ride in the Bob the Builder car.

I know it's dark, but seriously, when did she get this big???

I was trying to get a cute picture...she was not cooperating


Nana and Delaney

My little girl and me

After it was over, she said the "lubed it" and wanted to go home because Brody missed her a lot. It was great day.

**Brody had a fun day too apparently. Eric dressed him in his autographed Patriots jersey (Eric wore a Pats shirt as well) and the went to Sears to buy a toolbox. I guess Brody has a thing for mannequins, especially those in Victoria's Secret. Swell. After the mall, they had some McDonald's and then had a nap. Good times.

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