Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Pictures Galore!

So we moved. Yep. Again. There are major reasons behind this move, but that is for a post later (hopefully this week:). THIS post is about all the happenings that went on up until the move. Turns out, packing a 3000 square foot house with two toddlers, no so easy. So, distractions were made so I could get as much done as I could.  Here are s TON of pictures from  the last few weeks:

Delaney and Granddaddy looking at the mountains.

Pulling the wagon and watching the trees blow.

Playing in Granddaddy's truck

There has been lots of bike riding

Brody playing basketball

Delaney having a moment.

My parents knew that I was pulling my hair out with the kids under my feet while packing so they decided to take them to the Pima air and Space Museum one day! They had so much fun!!
Granddaddy and Delaney looking at the helicopters.

The kids learning the proper procedures for take off and landing. Delaney can tell you exactly what to do.


"How do I get down from here?"

Air traffic controller Delaney Grace Mikkelson, at your service

My babies

My Daddy and my kids. Love it.

I am sure that this is Delaney telling my parents to just 'wait there'.


A successful day looking at airplanes. Delaney sleeping with her A-10.

She is slightly obsessed with her princess dresses. She wears them the moment she waked up until she takes a bath at night.

At Nana and Granddaddy's house having popsicles (before dinner)

This was hysterical. Delaney found the record player and asked what it was so my dad got out some records and we spent the next hour listening to records and dancing. So fun, who knew?

So anyway, those are some pictures leading up to the move. I promise to update again very soon:)


  1. Ooh, I feel for you not only with moving but having to do it with two little ones around! Hang in there.


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