Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Another new normal

I have been trying to unpack for flipping ever it feels like. We have  A LOT OF CRAP. We moved into a 5 bedroom, 2 story house in Rita Ranch. Kind of ironic because a) I never wanted to live in Rita Ranch again and b) I swore I would never live in a 2 story again. Huh.... funny how that worked out. Anyway, we moved out here to be closer to the big kids. They moved back here with their mom a few months ago and I was tired of driving to school and they wanted to be closer to their friends. We also needed a less expensive house, due to the uncertainty of Eric's job, which is the case with this one. In addition, when we told the kids we were moving back, Kaylie decided that she wanted to come to our house every other Monday through Saturday, like Daylen (she was only coming every other weekend before), which was an unexpected surprise!! Now, Kaylie and Daylen each have their own room, we have our room, the only room downstairs is an office, and the little ones share a room. We have all of their toys in the dining room turned playroom. It really works out well!! I hate being so far from my parents, but I love not having to spend at least 2 hours a day driving back and forth to RR.

The kids have been pretty good. It feels as though I will never get fully unpacked. Every time I unpack a box Brody either puts other stuff back into the box or he takes it and throws it off the landing and watches how high it will bounce.

Delaney found a box of stickers one day and found a way to keep busy....

She used about 50 stickers and put them all over Brody. Brody, however, is not a fan of stickers and kept ripping them off (which really made Delaney mad) so she started putting them on his back.


Even the baby got one.
He was so annoyed.

Where is that one??

On Opie. I finally had to hide the stickers:(

I have been trying to think of fun stuff that they can do without me. They have been playing with cars, watching lots of movies, and drawing. Delaney has been working on drawing faces:)

She loves to draw!

Some friends of ours asked me to make a Super Bowl cake for them.... I painfully agreed. Making ANYTHING with PACKERS on it.... makes me want to puke, but I was a professional. I did the best I could in the chaos that was consuming me that weekend and came up with this:

The other side says STEELERS (duh, right?)

Delaney was very sad that I gave all the cupcakes away, so she asked if we could make some for daddy. She helped me with everything, it was so fun!

What a big girl!

I kept the cupcakes in the oven and Brody found out.... our oven is a little strange. It has a small oven on top and the bottom is a regular size one and when you open it, the door goes all the way to the ground. Before you freak out at this picture (Dad, Mimi, Granddaddy, Nanny) the oven was not on and I don't let him do this a lot. But yes, I grabbed my camera and yes, I understand how he could get confused... blah,blah, blah :)

He just really wanted a cupcake.

Anyway, we are slowly getting settled. We are all getting used to living so close to our neighbors again, Delaney and Brody are getting used to sleeping in the same room, we are getting used to having a teenage girl here 12 days a month, who goes on dates (omg, I know) and just getting used to our new normal (again).
But, that's what a family does right?


  1. I thought your new house looked great!! You had done a lot more unpacking than I would've by this point in the moving process! LOVE the sticker war! Cracks me up because my kids LOVE stickers, Colton, in particular! Delaney can cover him all she wants!

  2. I'm assuming since I wasn't included in the group of usual suspects who would worry about Brody climbing into an oven -- that means I'm the stable, non-worrier of the grandparents...right?
    xoxo Mom

  3. It will be an adjustment, but it sounds like you are a-ok! :)

  4. i am shocked that you are in another house with stairs! i never thought i'd see the day. can't wait to see the new place. henry would LOVE to climb up the stairs ;)

  5. I was one of those people that freaked out when I saw Brody in the oven! Not that I thought you'd let him sit in ther while it was on.

  6. Remember your "normal" is what ever fits what your family needs at the time it's happening. I KNOW not having to drive to RR will make life so much easier. And now maybe we will actually SEE you on our trips in and out: ) oxox

    BTW, I do not envy that you have a 2 story house to clean...


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