Sunday, February 27, 2011


We are 90% unpacked! Can I get a HELL YEAH! We have been working our butts off trying to make this house a home and have it be as organized as possible, hence the lack of posts. So, in order to catch up.... here are a million posts, shoved into one:)

Yes, Valentine's Day was like 3 weeks ago, but I have pictures that I haven't shared. For those that know me, you know that I never so anything for Valentine's Day- Eric and I have never even gotten each other a card. We kinda decided that this year maybe we should do a little something, it's not the kids faults that we don't like it. The big kids were coming that night and Eric passed his first test for his contractor's license so I decided to make a fun dinner. We had chicken enchilada soup, salsa salad and for dessert, cake balls. I decorated the table with a red tablecloth, our silver chargers (that we used one Christmas), flowers, and candles. On each plate I put a chocolate dog and I bought the big kids sparkling lemonade. There were balloons on each chair... it was festive.

Delaney helped me dip and sprinkle every. single. cake ball.

The kids

I just remembered this, and had to share. The day before Valentine's Day we went to church. After church, we get the kids from their classes and meet my parents for breakfast. This morning, we ate in the courtyard and the littles were watching these boys play football in the court. Brody was yelling "BALL" and Delaney just wanted to play. Eric took them over to get a closer look and these boys (who were probably 12 or 13) handed the football to Brody and then played catch with the two of them! It was the sweetest thing and the littles could not have been more thrilled. When we got home, they were inspired to play more ball outside.

Does Delaney seem a bit annoyed that I am trying to take a good picture???

The big boys and the little kids playing at church.

Keeping up with the big kids
At home. She WILL be that girl on the soccer team that is wearing a skirt with leggings and cute shoes. And she'll be kicking the boys butts.

And he will be on the line.... protecting Tom Brady.

My mom and I took the kids to the zoo. We hadn't been in such a long time. This was by far the best time. Brody was hysterical, he was so excited about EVERYTHING!!

Brody could not believe that their was a polar bear-right there.

Delaney really likes turtles so this was very exciting!

My mom trying to keep Brody out of the nasty pond. He really likes ducks:)

That says Nana's bench:)

Brody loved pushing the button on the frog fountain!

That's us!

After we left the zoo, of course we had to ride the choo-choo.

We have been playing outside a lot! Delaney and Brody have been playing together rather nicely. Every once in awhile I will run into the room and while she has him a headlock and I scream "what are you doing?" and she will reply, "I am just trying to bite him", but those moments are becoming less and less. We got some new play sand for our sandbox and the kids (Eric included) love it!

And I will leave you with this, because, well, it's gross and typical:)

Yes, Eric changing a yucky diaper, on our kitchen table.

(I have some very fun pictures of our snow day-yes SNOW- but blogger is taking forever, so I will save that for tomorrow:)


  1. First of all, I'd like to give you a HELLS YEAH! And then tell you how much I loved that post! Such great pics! And great job on the Valentine's table! You've inspired me for next year!

  2. Had fun catching up with you on this:) So glad things are getting better for the house setting up. We are in the process of starting to do the same thing, looking into houses. So please would appreciate the prayers. See you around.

  3. YAY for a Valentines dinner! I may have to steal this from you next year.
    And your unpacking comment is STRESSING ME OUT! We are starting the process of packing. YUCK!
    Happy you are almost all settled. :)


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