Friday, March 11, 2011

Belle and Buzz

You see, in my house, we are always ready for a party. And by party, I mean costume party. From the moment my kids wake up, they are hounding me to help them put on their outfits. I put Brody's on first, then Delaney's because after putting on her dress, we have to find the matching dancing shoes and crown. From that moment on....they are to be called Princess or Belle and Buzz. They wear them all day, with two exceptions: 1. They are not allowed to eat with them on 2.They are not allowed outside in them either. Now that the weather is flipping gorgeous, they are outside more, so Belle and Buzz are appearing a little less often.

Princess Belle, with her dress right over her jammies, eating candy hearts, watching TV (mom the the year)

I love her feet.... she always sits like that!

Buzz Lightyear.... wouldn't let me take a picture of his face.

My favorite part of the costume.... the back.

So, if you ever just drop by, be prepared for a princess, a space man, and a mom in sweatpants (sexy ones of course) to greet you at the door.
It's never dull at the Mikkelson casa.

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  1. How many people get to say that they are Belle and Buzz's Nana?? I'm so blessed :) xoxo Mom


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