Thursday, April 21, 2011

Brody is TWO!

Dear Brody,
Well, you turned two 5 days ago. TWO! I tried as hard as I could to NOT let you turn TWO, but was unsuccessful. You are seriously the funniest little boy. We love watching you play with cars and love the faces that you make. You are starting to talk so much! Pretty soon, I can imagine the non-stop talking that is going to be taking over the killer mini van and the dinner table. You are sharing a room right now with Delaney and it is going okay.... I think you really like having the company all night long.  You LOVE going to church! Daddy says that you try to bang the door down to get in!

We seriously love your guts Monkey. You completed this family. It has taken me awhile to write this to you because I am really sad about how fast you growing. Maybe sad is the wrong word, but I feel like I have missed so much, and yet I am with you everyday. I feel like I should have embraced your babyhood a bit more, now knowing that you are my last baby. We are so blessed to have you as our son. I can't believe how fast these last two years have gone by. Two years ago we were still having to take you to the doctor everyday to get your little heel pricked because of the jaundice. I was learning how to juggle an 18 month old and a newborn and it was not easy, but I wouldn't have changed it for the world. I remember the day I realized I was pregnant with you. Daddy, Delaney and I were walking through the mall and we saw a woman trying to push a double stroller and I remember saying, "Wow, that would suck." Then, on the way home from the mall, the song, "I Saw God Today" came on and I knew.... I knew I was pregnant. That afternoon I took the test and sure enough, it was positive. From that moment on, I was in love.

Although I am in no hurry for you to grow up, I can't wait to see what kind of a person you become. What sport will you play??? Football perhaps (since Mommy knows how to play that)? Or will it be baseball (in which case I have a lot to learn). I just hope that you will always know how much we love you. We will always be here for you... and help you to make good choices.

This is Daddy helping Mommy decorate  cookies for you at midnight:)

This is your planes, trains and automobiles cake (that Daddy helped me make:)

We love so much,


                                                                                One minute old
                                                                                5 days old

                                                                                  6 months old

                                                                      Last year on his first birthday!


Buzz Lightyear 2010



  1. So much personality all wrapped up in the cutest little boy package ever...we're so blessed to be so close! xoxo Mom

  2. 2 already, wow, were the the time go? Hope he had a great day =)

  3. I'm sorry we missed the Bday party, but love the pictures. Cute cake!


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