Sunday, April 3, 2011

Please tell me where the pause button is...

I am amazed at how fast time is going. I am amazed at how big my 'babies' are getting. We have been very busy here at the Mikkelson house. The only thing that is left to unpack and organize is the stupid garage.
As the kids get older, I find myself able to do more around the house, which I love. I do, however, have to 'pause' my organizing/cleaning rampages that I get on to remind myself that the kids are only this age once and  I don't want them to miss out on having fun because their mother is a neurotic neat freak (that's right, I'm a coming back:). This past week we have played, had picnics, went swimming in the "cuzzi", and had some fun family time.

Brody and Delaney getting ready to get in the 'warm pool thing' or the 'cuzzi'

Now they are really ready.

Brody was a little hesitant at first, but quickly got over and proceeded to push all the buttons and turn all the jets on and off.

Delaney can touch the bottom so she just goes all over it. We get in the jacuzzi pretty much every night after dinner. It is so fun!

The kids, having a picnic on the balcony.

Chowing a PB & J

We went to the spring carnival at the school I used to teach at! This was the first time the kids went on a ride without one of us. I was all teary watching them go on the ghetto choo-choo. (Yes, Delaney still plugs her ears if she is nervous about something.)

In an attempt to organize and have less crap cluttering up our lives, we decided to get rid of two small kid tables and a sand box and instead get a picnic table/sandbox combined! The kids didn't know we got it so it was a fun surprise.

She was so happy!

Checking it out!
Helping Daddy put the bolts in:)

Having a snack at their new table with an adorable umbrella.

We have seriously been so busy- I actually started this post like 2 weeks ago!
We have so much going on and I love it!

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