Sunday, July 17, 2011

President Delaney

I know I have been a bad blogger lately. I'm not quite sure why... maybe it's because nothing new has been going on, maybe it's because there are only so many ways to say the kids spent the morning fighting or that Brody dumped something on the floor.... but then I think, maybe I should blog, because MAYBE there are some moms out there that can keep it real with me a little bit. And maybe it would feel good to read something that made you feel a bit better about yourself as a mom, I know I like to read stuff like that!

End of rant.....

This past week my little girl went to Vacation Bible School at our church. I have to admit, I was really nervous. I have this weird way of analyzing everything and anything that could possibly go wrong. Like what if her shoes were hurting her feet (so I put a different pair in her backpack), or what if she has an accident (again an extra pair of chonies in her backpack), what if she decided she wanted to stay outside and hid up in the slide and no one found her (didn't happen), what if she couldn't get her shorts unbuttoned on her own, what if she cussed out a kid??? I mean really, the list went on and on and when I told Eric all my fears (thinking I would get some wonderful support and wisdom) he just rolled his eyes and walked away. Ugh. As if. Anyway, I should have known. I was worried about Delaney. Delaney Grace Mikkelson to be exact.... and she won't let you forget it. She had a blast! She went everyday from 8:45 - 12:00. Brody and I would say good-bye and we would just leave her there. The second we left her Brody would ask "Where Dada (that's how he says Delaney)?" and he would ask that until we picked her up. He did not like her empty car seat at all and if we went home, instead of running errands, he would cry when he realized she wasn't there. But don't be fooled.... the second they get in the car,  they were back at it again.

On Friday night she had a performance. I was freaking out (wait.... no way, shocking). I thought for sure she would freeze and start to cry as soon as she went on stage. In my head, this performance was going to determine the rest of her performance presence for the rest of her life.  Once again, I was wrong. She waited for what seemed like forever for her turn. She was so adorable. She was sitting in the pew next to Granddaddy and clapped and cheered for each group. When Pastor Glenn opened in prayer, she folded her little hands and closed her eyes as tight as she could and finished with a confident AMEN. *Tear. When her turn FINALLY arrived, she was ready. The second they called her group up on stage, she RAN up there! Not only did she run up there, but when she got on stage, she was all alone and waving at us. When the music started, she danced. Let me just say... the rhythm totally got her. She would randomly wave at us and when it was over, she proudly took a bow and blew kisses.

We made our way out to the ever important Panda (the theme of VBS was Pandamania) and one of the amazing teenage boy volunteers said, "Oh here comes the future President. President Delaney". He told us that was her nickname all week. The night wrapped up with snow cones and jumping castles. Perfect evening.

This is the AWESOME panda.... and that's the kid who called her President:)

Best buds, waiting for the train!

Gotta love a ghetto train- nothing like riding a barrel with wheels!

Delaney practicing her train sounds

Waiting and jamming

This is how Brody watched Delaney:)

She could not contain herself!

Brody was so excited that he was able to drop a bank into a box for a special offering. He gets to go to VBS next year!

All in all, the week was great. Delaney loved it and I am super proud!

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  1. She is beautiful Nicole! I truly cannot believe how big she is now. Brody too! Miss you guys!


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