Saturday, July 23, 2011

You know you're old (or perhaps married) when......

Vegas ain't what it used to be......
Back in February I had this idea to surprise Eric with a trip to Vegas for his birthday (in July). Well, I totally spoiled the surprise, I really just could not keep it a secret. But, because I spoiled the surprise, he was then in on the "we need to save every penny" kick I was on. Fast forward to July 3rd. We were set to leave July 5th. That evening, our little Munchie, got sick:( She was throwing up and had a super fever- or a feeling, as she calls it. The whole night, I slept in her bed and watched her toss and turn and I knew we couldn't go away. Monday, she still was not great. My mom kept assuring me that she had taken care of sick kids before and could do it again, but I felt so guilty even thinking about leaving when she was sick. Monday evening, she was better.... not great, but better. I decided we could go. Tuesday morning our plan was to get up and be on the road by 7:30. Delaney was fine, so I felt much better about leaving. One small snag in the plan to be on the road was that Eric did a load of laundry (just his clothes, thank goodness) and accidentally washed his TatWax  (for his new half sleeve) and it ruined all of his good clothes. Before we even left the house, we knew we had to make a detour. I said good-bye to the kids, got pretty teary eyed-- this was the first time leaving Brody for more than 24 hrs-- and we left.
We decided a cheap way to replace some of his clothes was to go to Target. It was my first experience at Super Target and man I am sad we don't have one closer to us! After the exciting trip to the mega Target, we were on our way! Of course, I have to stop like every two hours to pee and get a Dr. Pepper, but Eric is cool with that. We roll into Vegas about 5:30- rush hour. Sweet. Boy, there is nothing like rush hour, in Vegas, through construction, on the strip. I, as usual, kept my cool (ha,ha,ha) and was extremely helpful to Eric. And so, after the final fearful U-turn we had to make, we made it to the oh-so-fabulous Flamingo hotel. We had to find a parking spot in the parking garage and after 7 floors up, we found one! I forgot to mention that the Saturday before we left, Eric was working a side job and somehow missed the fact that his foot was directly under the humongous sledge hammer that he was swinging and broke his big toe, so walking was a pain- literally. Here we are 7 floors up and the elevator is broken. We have a huge suitcase and cooler, because I need snacks and beer. He was less than thrilled, but he did it. We walked down the steps and made it to the hotel. Danielle and Joe (sister and bro-in-law) were in Vegas as well and were waiting for us to get there! We met them at Margaritaville! I LOVE this place! I love the atmosphere and the food.... and the margaritas! In case you have never been there, on the hour, this girl comes out with a tray and does a little dance around the restaurant with an entourage of people on stilts. Then she goes on top of a volcano (which is the top of the bar) and "falls in" and then when it erupts, she pops up in a little bikini and slides into a big blender and splashes around, THEN she gets on a hook, yes a hook, and spins around like crazy..... she finishes the performance up with a dance to "Wasting Away again in Margaritaville". So fun! And if that's not enough, there's this:
(No.... not Eric, though I love him dearly, I am talking about the thing he's about the lick)
That's 100 oz of margarita baby.

Danielle, Joe, Eric and Me:)

Not quite sure what this is all about.... apparently I was very serious about our conversation....

We had a great evening.... sadly this was the only evening that I took pictures. After the restaurant, we walked around the Flamingo to check out the wildlife. I have to say that I was put at ease when I saw that the Flamingos were not just walking around the pool, like I had originally thought- and that thought freaked me out!
I love this one! Joe was feeling very happy and would just walk around a randomly pose and take pictures of himself. It was so funny!

I'm not sure where my boobs went in this picture. Puzzler.

Yes we were feeling happy:)

The next morning, we had breakfast and then we laid out by the pool. Really that is all I wanted to do.... ya know- nothing. It was so great! We played a game trying to pick out the hottest woman and man at the pool and surprisingly had a hard time (and not b/c the pool was crawling with them). It was a nice feeling:) That afternoon we got some killer advice- apparently you can buy a wristband for like $50 each and then you can eat at any of the Harrah's properties' buffets for 24 hrs! Seriously.... that's all we did. We planned out what buffets to hit and when and then we'd go to another one! We did go to the M & M store and watched the Bellagio and all that, but all in all, we ate our way through Vegas and went to sleep at a reasonable hour each night. LAME!

 BUT we did meet a famous boxer who is being inducted in the boxing Hall of Fame- Earnie Shavers. He was super nice and autographed a picture for Eric and chatted for awhile. I felt bad I didn't know who he was, but I am pretty sure I was still in diapers when he was boxing and Eric was watching:)

Earnie Shavers and Eric

Friday we headed home and I was so excited to see the kids. My parents are awesome and had taken care of them all week (oh and ps, Brody got super sick when we were there- Mother of the Year, in Vegas with a sick kid) and were super ready for us to be home! I am sure it will be a LONG time before we go on another vacay without the kiddos, but that's okay:)

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  1. A weekend of doing nothing sounds marvelous, not lame!
    You should make this an annual event. It's good for moms & dads to be child-free every once in awhile.


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