Thursday, August 18, 2011

The beginning of a tradition.....

Blogging? What is that? You mean there is something else on the Internet besides Pinterest?? Holy cow! While perusing through Pinterest one evening, I stumbled upon a picture of a little boy hugging his little sister and then underneath it was a picture taken at the same place, same day just 17 years later..... so now..... a new tradition has arrived at the Mikkelson casa.
Yesterday was my birthday and I thought that would be the perfect day to take the original picture (mainly because it is a date that I don't often forget) and I know my parents house will always be there. So without further ado:

Yes, it is edited ( I really love the 1960's feature on picnik)

I took this in front of the new baby trees that my parents recently planted so it will be fun to see how everything grows:) So next year, same day, same place, same picture:)


  1. And I took my picture yesterday from your idea on pinterest...the belly pic before Brinley comes! I can't wait to take the after picture...

    Thanks for the idea...I better not get started on pinterest cause I know how my days of bed rest
    would be filled...

  2. Umm... Like I told Ami, I wish I could be on Pinterest, but no one has invited me. Sigh.
    BUT! Thanks for the great idea! I'm on it like white on rice. I'm thinking I'll start on my dad's birthday (Monday) with Jaxon hugging the belly. :)

  3. I'm feeling tremendous pressure to keep that tree alive! As long as no new mini-tornadoes come back -- we should be okay :) Love the picture of the kiddos...too cute!


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