Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Summer in Tucson.... sucks. I really don't like the extreme heat and I REALLY don't like that the kids can't play outside for 5 minutes without turning bright red from the heat. The kids LOVE to be outside. Naturally, we have been swimming, playing in sprinklers and playing in the splash pad at the zoo to keep cool. ATTENTION: from here until the end of this post there will be boatloads of pictures that may look similar, but I promise they are not!!

He loves the sprinklers- clearly!

He also loves to try and smash them!

Delaney showing us her mega muscles

And you know how it's impossible to lick your elbow? Not for Miss Delaney. Skills people. Mad skills.

A sweet moment.

Since Eric started his own residential contracting company, he has some freedom to hang out with us, sometimes, during the week! Since we have a membership to the zoo, we decided to brave the heat and go on a family outing that was FREE (my fav kind)!

Such a stud muffin
Checking out the "Beary big black cat"
I love how freaked out Brody looks
Delaney touching a snake. Whatever Delaney does.....
Brody does:)

They were able to pet the cutest little armadillos!!
Then we chilled on Nana's bench

No zoo trip is complete without Dippin Dots
It was so hot we decided it was time to head into the "splash pad" thing.
Brody thought it was hilarious!
Delaney liked spraying all the kids- Brody included
But then he got her back:)

Good buddies:)


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