Thursday, September 15, 2011

Video time!!

I finally figured out You Tube! I have been taking videos on my phone lately, but in true Nicole fashion, I have had no idea how to upload them on anything! Today, I took the time to figure it out!

I have two fun videos to share! The first one is hilarious!! I bought a Slip and Slide for $1.88 at Target and the kids were super stoked! Delaney figured it out right away- she is our graceful and athletic child. I'm not saying that Brody isn't athletic, but he is certainly the clumsier of the two- big time. He never quite figured it out, so Daddy came to the rescue!

Now the second video melts my heart. Every night, the kids take a bath, get their jammies on, brush their teeth and come downstairs to watch Caillou (yes, TV, at night- call CPS). BUT, before Caillou starts, Eric and Delaney stand in front of the TV and take their positions for the start of the theme song. Brody and I sit on the couch and cheer them on. The end is actually my favorite part, but Brody man decided to turn my phone off right at that moment, ugh, so here is this one for now (Eric was less than thrilled that I was recording this:)

So there ya have! My first 2 YouTube videos!!


  1. ahhhh! that last video of eric and delaney brings back some fun memories of eric and you dancing at the moon!! so sweet that daddy dances with his daughter :) love it!!!

  2. That 2nd video I was picturing them dancing at her wedding one day...What a great dad!

  3. AWWW! Love both videos! Eric is quite graceful himself :)

  4. What a great dad, your husband is! :) And to allow you to upload the video- even better. :)

    I love watching daddies with their daughters. :)

  5. Thanks ladies! And yes, it is awesome that he let me upload the videos.... well, he really didn't know until it was done, but he didn't get mad:)


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