Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The bundle of joy...... girl or boy?

Tonight we found out what the bundle of joy my little sister is carrying is. Not wanting to be too conventional, Danielle and Joe decided they wanted to have a gender reveal party. A few ideas were thrown around but the box of balloons won. We all gathered at my parent's house tonight for the reveal. We even had Josh on skype or face talk or something like that. We all made our predictions. I predicted boy, Delaney said Baby Jesus. Danielle and Joe didn't even know the sex. They had the doctor write it down on a card, that card was placed in an envelope and sealed and my parent's took it to Party City and had them fill the box with either pink or blue balloons.

That is one big box!

Brody was way excited!

Talking to Uncle Josh

Getting ready for the big moment!

Wait for it.....

Wait for it.......


IT'S A BOY!!!!

Baby boy Geck will be joining us in March and we can't wait!

Congrats Joe and Danielle!
We love you!


  1. Yeah...the wait is finally over! That was a pretty unique idea I must say...

    Yeah for you having a nephew : )

  2. Delaney and Brody must have loved that party! It seems so fun!
    I love that Delaney thought Baby Jesus! She was half right... it is a boy!

  3. That is a wonderful idea. Congrats Auntie.

  4. That is a very exciting way to let everyone know, especially themselves. Congrats to all!


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