Thursday, November 17, 2011

Fully Stocked

I just got home from grocery shopping (at 9:45 pm) and I am exhausted. It takes me awhile to prepare my list, my coupons, etc. I usually go at night so that I don't have to bring the kids and I can take my time. Tonight I knew it was going to take awhile since I had a ton of stuff on my list. The whole time I was thinking how annoyed I was with all the people in the store and the fact that the store is always out of stuff at night and then I stopped. I realized that I needed to change my way of thinking. I need to be thankful for the fact that we can buy food, and that I have the time to coupon so I can save some money.

I had a cart full, I mean so full that things were spilling out. I pathetically pushed my cart up to the check out line and started unloading. I am slightly OCD and need to keep all the like items together. While I was arranging, a lovely old man in a suit came up behind me carrying a bouquet of flowers and a bottle of wine. I told him to go ahead of me for obvious reasons and he obliged. As he finished, he stopped for a moment, turned around and handed me a single carnation from his bouquet. He said, "Thank you. You are lovely, sweet young lady. Have a blessed holiday". It made my night.

I quickly went back to paying attention to the register and watched as the total kept rising. The total of $277.30 was way too high for me, so I passed the checker man my VIP card and my stack of coupons and watched the two men in line behind roll their eyes. I apologized for making them wait and we quickly were in a conversation about couponing. They both told me it wasn't worth the time. I respectfully disagreed and they asked if they could watch the total go down. I am by NO MEANS an extreme couponer, I have actually just been using one paper (plus the coupons my grandparents send me; my grandpa cuts them out for me and mails them to me:), but I like saving money. My total ended up being $157.22. I saved $120.00. Not extreme, but extremely helpful! The men both told me that they would maybe consider couponing now. Anyway, I got home and again started feeling irritated with all the unloading that I had to do and then did an attitude check again (this thinking positive stuff is hard). We are blessed. This is what it looked like when I got home:

Bags everywhere

And then my OCD kicks in again and I unload all the bags before I put anything away. I did get 4 cases of soda, but they are in the garage, but everything else gets put on the counter.

It was a good deal on cereal:)

This was my receipt:

Then I begin the tedious task of putting it all away. I wish my pantry was neat and organized, but the reality is, I have too much stuff food in there and if that shouldn't be a problem. Thank God we can feed our family.

A fully stocked pantry makes me happy

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