Saturday, November 5, 2011

Halloween 2011

I don't love Halloween.... I don't know that ever have, but I have kids now. Kids that LOVE to dress up! This year was a blast! Delaney really wanted to be Rapunzel. She wanted the long hair and all. Brody didn't care too much, but he loved the Spiderman costume we found at Target so that's what he wore. We got Delaney's dress from the Disney store, not cheap, but necessary. I knew that she would wear the dress pretty much everyday for the rest of the year, so it needed to hold up against the 'little princess'. We ended up finding the Rapunzel wig, which is 2 ft of hair, in the doll section of Target! Seriously, lucky!

Brody didn't take a nap on Halloween, so I knew we were fighting the clock.  On Halloween, I was very insistent that the kids eat dinner before they put on their costumes, so we ate as soon as possible. Delaney was literally holding the last bit of pizza crust while she was getting down and asking to get dressed. Up until this point, she had only tried on her costume once. I told her we would put some make up on and she was stoked! Brody was sad when I didn't put make up on him, so we compromised and we slicked his hair back.

He was slightly excited:)

She was so ready! She would not let go of the door knob

Brody saying, "It's me Granddaddy"

At the first house...

At Aunt Kristin's house.

Brody was starting to get tired....

Starting to fade....

Poor baby... this was right before I carried him
My parent's handed out candy for us while we took the kiddos out and when we got back, Delaney decided it would be fun to hand out candy with Eric....she was over her wig by then.

Brody was pretty much asleep on the floor and Delaney was wide awake, waiting for more kids. It was a good time. And just as I thought, the following morning, Delaney came out of her room in her Rapunzel costume- not sure if she put it on in the middle of the night or what, but Rapunzel has been living in our house ever since.


  1. It must be so crazy to experience holidays from a different perspective...glad you are getting your money's worth out of Rapunzel!

  2. I feel the same way about Halloween, but Jaxon loves it too. Both of their costumes were great. Did Brody keep the mask on?


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