Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Jumping fun!

Delaney turned 4 last week and we had a little shin dig for her at the park near our house a week or so ago. I didn't want to have a huge party.... just family and a few friends. We decided to have it at the park again because, well, because I didn't have to clean my house. That thiery is always good, until you realize that you can't set up ANYTHING ahead of time and you have to remember every, single, little thing. We did a pretty good job of remembering everything this time. THis year, Delaney requested a Strawberry Shortcake themed cake. I envisioned the cute, delicious smelling little doll from my childhood and she envisioned the one from the current TV show- totally different. SO I compromised and had a little vintage and a little new. In my head, I had the cutest party planned. There were going to be coordinating centerpieces on each perfectly table clothed table. There was going be streamers and balloons falling from the roof of the ramada, with a gorgeous gift and cake table along with amazing coordinated food. Turns out, I am a great party planner.... in my head. The tables were haphazardly gorilla taped onto each, ghetto picnic table, the cake had to be covered with tissue paper that we pilfered so the yucky flies would stay off of it and there were no balloons or streamers.... just gum and graffiti. But none of that mattered to my little munchie.
She has been so excited for her birthday this year and she could not wait for the party. We decided that we would get a jumping castle and I am so happy that we did! It was the coolest jumping castle I have ever seen! It had an obstacle course in side, along with a basketball hoop and a slide! If you live in Tucson you definitely need to contact A Jump Above for your next party!

Brody going up the slide
The birthday girl. Her hair looked so cute for about a minute. I should have known better
Gavin checking out the beast of a jumping castle
Brody taking a jumping break to enjoy a strawberry
Jacob, Daylen and Kyle- SO excited to be at a 4 yr. old bday party!
Bridget and Ami keeping a motherly eye on their kids.
Brody took the soccer ball from Hunter (on the left there) and then decided that if he sat on it, it would be safe. Brains? Yes. Social skills? Not so much

Granddaddy and Brody playing soccer. I love that Brody's feet are not touching the ground.
Delaney decided to join in
I made a small cake (cuz she really wanted a cake) and then a crap load of cupcakes. I really didn't want to stand there and cut cake and have to get more plates and forks and blah, blah, blah.

She specifically wanted a number 4 on it!
She was so hot!
Me and my baby.... wait, I guess she isn't a baby- she is freaking 4!

Blowing out the candle

Brody had been waiting all morning for his cupcake
Hunter digging in
Colton chowin
Aunt Danielle keeping Brody from his 4th cupcake
Mimi and P-Paw (or MY Granddaddy)

Delaney opening present is a sight. She is SO excited for each and everyone and is equally grateful. I hope her heart remains that way forever- an amazing trait.
We are so blessed!!
SO excited to jump!!

All done!

It was a lot of fun and we are thankful for our blessings. Our little is 4- that is crazy!

oh and btw....I am doing National Blog Posting Month again!!
So, day 1....done!


  1. Looks like everyone had a great time! So sad we missed it... stupid strep!
    The cupcakes and cake turned out adorable.

  2. We for one (or for 4) had a great time! And yes, that jumping castle ROCKED! My kids loved that slide! (Once Delaney modeled how to do it!) And I couldn't agree more about Delaney's graciousness. That child seriously knows how to show her excitement and appreciation for EVERY gift-big or small. It's so cute to observe from someone so young. That's a sign of good parenting if you ask me! :)


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