Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The birthday continues......

Delaney's birthday party was on Sunday, but her actual birthday was the following Thursday.We have made it a tradition to put a bunch of balloons all over the kids rooms while they are sleeping so when they wake up they have a happy moment! Delaney did not disappoint with her reaction. She immediately wanted to know who put them in her room and when I told her that Daddy had done it, she dramatically yelled, "Daddy is my best hero ever!"

We quickly got dressed and out the door for our busy day. Our first stop was to see their friend Braydon. Braydon is only one day older than Delaney so they were both confused when they gave each other a gift. It is hilarious listening to them communicate.

Playing in the fort

Still can't believe she is four


Braydon pushing Delaney.... so cute!

He looks so big!

After we left Braydon's house we went and picked up my mom and headed to Little Anthony's for lunch! Eric was supposed to be working and told us he couldn't come, but surprised us by showing up and he brought Delaney a bouquet of flowers. Her expression was priceless! She got a delicious ice cream sundae after lunch and we went made the trip home for a nice long nap and finished the day off with spaghetti (her favorite) and then had a calorie free (whatever) Oreo ice cream cake.

It was very sunny....

The day after her birthday, she came stumbling down the stairs in the morning, still half asleep, looked up at me and said, "Mommy, am I still 4?" I said, "Yes babe, you will be four for a whole year."
 She says back, "Oh good, thanks Mommy, I am not ready to be five yet."

(I am not ready for that either...)


  1. Love her! And I love the tradition of balloons...

  2. So sweet. I, too, love the balloon tradition, may have to start that next year!

    PS Way to rock Spectrum! I never thought to wear it with white.


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