Thursday, November 3, 2011

Pumpkin Pickin

Our annual trip to pumpkin happened the day before Halloween again this year. It is so funny how empty it is so close to Halloween. We went to Apple Annie's again, although next year we will be taking the trip to Agua Linda. The first thing we did was immediately get on the hay ride to go pick our pumpkins. Brody saw the tractor the second we pulled up and there was no way we were doing anything else first.

Delaney's pose kills me

He loves his Mummy.... hehehe

He was super excited!
So was she!

Once we arrived at the pumpkin patch, Delaney was instantly irritated because she was not allowed to hold the massive cutters that could chop her arm off, so finding the "perfect pumpkins" went a little quicker than usual.
Getting the two of them to look is impossible

She got to at least help Daddy with the cutters
Delaney's pumpkin
Brody helping Daddy
Brody's pumpkin

Apparently we were keeping Brody up...

Back to the cutters again...

I was there too!

When we got back from the hayride, the kids played in the corn kernels for a bit and then we went to eat some food. BUT there was no food to eat! All they had was Kettle Korn and snow cones. We got both:) The bees decided that they loved the snow cones and thus forced us to throw the yummy snow cones into the bee infested trash cans. 
She was freaking out!

Eric decided that he wanted some produce so Delaney and I hung out while the boys did some shopping. Brody helped Eric do it all! Seriously melted my heart. He was so proud of himself.

Another pumpkin picking day in the history books:)


  1. I'm looking forward to pumpkin patch picking with Brinley...looks like you all had fun!

  2. How funny! My next post is about our trip to Apple Annies! You're pictures are adorable!! I LOVE Delaney's sassy little hip-swagger! Good job on your NABLOPOMO my friend!!

    (P.S. I couldn't help but chuckle...the word verification for this comment is 'dogspee'. hee hee)


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