Saturday, November 12, 2011

Mickey Coffee

I just couldn't post yesterday- my day consisted of two trips to Target, plus all my normal "duties", plus I made about 35 cupcakes for a super dear friend of mine for her baby shower today. By 11:30- I was wiped and did not have the energy to even go upstairs and get my computer.

Today was a fun day! Breakfast out, a beautiful baby shower, followed by a relaxing afternoon. I was freezing near dinner time and went to look for my Chai Tea from Trader Joe's, but sadly, I was out. But, I did find a box of Nestle Hot Chocolate and got all warm inside just thinking about it. I am a hot chocolate girl! LOVE it! I realized that Delaney and Brody had never had it before, so I decided it was time! They were so excited to drink 'coffee' like Mommy and Daddy.

His mug has Mickey on it, so he kept calling it his "Mickey coffee'

Cheesy smile
Blowing on it (really just spitting)
Having a marshmallow out of his Mickey coffee
Drinking like a pro
He was hilarious to watch
The Mickey coffee- he wanted me to take a picture

So that's all. You are probably asking yourself, "Did she really just do a post on drinking hot chocolate? And she took that many pictures?" Yes folks, I did. It may be up there on the lame-o meter, but I thought it was a memorable occasion:) Maybe that's because I am kinda lame like that myself.

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  1. Not lame at all! I love it! And you've just given me a great idea for my kids on this rainy Sunday morning! How fun!!


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