Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Little Things

I know that usually it's the little things that mean the most, and I totally agree. However, today it's the little things that are irritating the crap out me. My intention was to start the major organization, overhaul of the house today. See, I want the house in "ready to move" order. No, we are not moving, but I SO WANT TO! In my head, I have a vision of what it means to be ready to move, but I have quite a few days left in November, so that's a topic for a later post. The little things around the house drive me crazy. The little pieces that don't seem to ever stay in their home, the random piles, stuff on the counter.... oh my gosh, it gives me hives just thinking about it.
Here are a few areas in my house right now that need an overhaul:

Ok well my kitchen doesn't always look like this, but right now it does and it's driving me crazy!

The backyard: the kids have so much stuff out there, it's insane- and EVERYWHERE. It looks like the dollar store threw up all over- minus the big stuff, which is mostly turned over. Needs to change people!

This one kills me- this is the top of the fridge. Yes, that's Santa and Mrs Claus.

And that's Goof Off ^^
What the heck?

This is right next to the fridge- there is just crap all over.

Yeah, this one isn't small- this is our "Harry Potter closet". It is our ONLY closet, besides the ones in the bedrooms. No kidding- NO STORAGE in this stupid house. This is a major project that needs to be taken care of yesterday.

But you see.... these little things that are driving me crazy and are needed to be taken care of, were over shadowed by other little things. Little things that made today, great.

We started the day off with a cozy, rainy, gloomy looking morning, which I happen to LOVE. We went to church and had an awesome service. Honoring our veterans and learning about God's grace is not a bad way to start your morning. I do have to say though, that church was overflowing with BRAND new babies. Seriously, they were invading and I was having a hard time standing my ground (you know: NOT having any more kids), plus the girl next to us had a brand new, adorable baby boy and I think she was as skinny as Delaney- God was really testing me on my grace in that moment. Just sayin'. After church, we went to have breakfast at my parent's house where we played with the keyboard (I rocked Amazing Grace and The Star Spangled Banner) and then watched the kids dance to a Led Zeppelin RECORD, yes that's right, vinyl y'all!

When we got home, the kids went to sleep, I went to Kohl's with my mom for some shopping and when I got home, it was still cloudy, the kids were just getting up, I read the new US Weekly and watched my man, Brian Urlacher, kick some Lion butt.

(That's not Brian Urlacher, but that was the final score:)

 Delaney played with her babies, Brody played with his trains, they played with each other and the dogs were right there in the middle of it.

So you see, even though I have all these little things hanging over my head right now, I know that I
was supposed to ignore those today and be grateful for the little moments that I had with my family today. What a nice Sunday!

Btw... those irritating little things, WILL be taken care of soon!

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