Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas...Part 1

Christmas is over- officially. It has been packed away for another year here in the Mikkelson casa. I have to say, I am exhausted. I never knew how tiring it was to be a parent and "do" Christmas. I know I have been a parent now for a few years, BUT this year was different. This year, all 4 kids would be here Christmas morning and the little kids were fully aware of what was happening. Little more pressure...

Let's start off with the trip to see Jolly Old St. Nick, shall we? The night before I told the kids that we were going to see Santa in the morning and that they should tell him what they wanted him to bring. Delaney, in her most serious voice says to me, "Ummm.... how bout I stand far away from him, you get him to look at me and I will just yell what I want to him real loud." I then reply, " But I want to see him." She then says, "You sit on his lap then, cuz it's just not happening." Yeah- slightly worried about the next morning at this point.

I get the kids in their super cute new Santa shirts from my mom, get them in the car, pick up my sis and head to the mall. As soon as we walk in, they see "the North Pole" and get super excited. As we get a bit closer Delaney looks at Danielle and says, "I dunno about this". 

Jumping with excitement

Making a wish

Pressing the Naughty or Kind button (no not naughty or nice, naughty or kind- mind blowing)

Trying to decide how he feels about the big man

The group in front of us decided to take their dear sweet freaking time getting through all the exciting stations that the North Pole has to offer and I appreciate the fact that they want the memories, but come on already- move on. Anyway, finally our turn. I told the kids that I would sit with them if they freaked out, but......

They did it! They sat down and talked to him and everyhting.

I knew that if Delaney did it, Brody would too. I love that they are brave together.

When I asked them what they said they told Santa that they wanted, Brody said he wanted a big firetruck and Delaney said she wanted a dinosaur that had babies in it's tummy. Sweet. Side note: It was after we couldn't find a firetruck that my mom told me that I should've 'prepped' the kids before hand. Ya know, make sure to tell Santa you want a Strawberry Shortcake house for Christmas. Huh, good to know....


This year the kids really wanted to make their own cookies for Santa so we made some yummy cookie dough and I let go of my anal retentiveness and let the kids go to town on the cookies. They helped me with everything. They rolled the dough, cut the cookies and then decorated them. It was so fun. And they were gooooood.

Yeah- finger licking good
All ready to deface with icing!
Check. them. out. Masterful people

Love this girl

Love this boy


  1. Good job mom! The kids will love that memory of making cookies for Santa with their mom! :)

  2. Gosh Nicole...they are so cute. I love your posts!!


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