Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Eddie came to dinner.....

Each year, we always have a Christmas party with Eric's side of the family. This year it ended up being at our house and we decided to make it a bit different. I realize that ugly sweater parties are not that unusual anymore, but come on, how fun! So it was decided. Ugly sweaters it would be! Our search for the ugliest sweater led us to Savers and Goodwill where we quickly discovered that in order to score the ugliest of ugly, you needed to do a whole heck of a lot sooner than we had. The first day we went hunting, I was alone with the kids. I made the mistake of telling the kids that we were looking for an ugly sweater and to keep an eye out. Apparently, I should have been a bit more specific on where to keep an eye out. This woman walking by was wearing a less than beautiful sweater and Delaney was quick to notice. "Mommy, that lady has on a very ugly sweater", she says to me in the only volume Delaney speaks in: LOUD. I was mortified. I quickly changed the adjective to 'silly' instead of ugly and we left without a sweater. The following day Eric ventured out with us. We had something very specific in mind for Eric. Our FAVORITE movie is Chevy Chase's Christmas Vacation. We can never get enough of that movie. When I think of less than favorable Christmas attire, I think of Eddie. So that was our mission: Eric=Eddie.

Now that I have written a ridiculously long paragraph about the our purchasing of the sweaters I will now just show the pictures. Disclaimer: If anyone owns any of the sweaters that we are wearing, I am sure the look lovely on you. Just now our style:) Don't hate.

Brody, CJ, Delaney, Josh

Chris and Kaylie
Chris, Holly and the boys all made their sweaters- too cute and creative!

Melinda and Bill- also added some festive embellishments to their sweaters


The grandparents with the kiddos

Now....wait for it....

wait for it....

wait for it....


That is my man y'all- Eddie in the flesh- you can't really see the Dickie that is under the sweater,
but oh he rocked it!

The Lopez Family
Holly, Chris, Josh and CJ

The Mikkelsons
Kyle, Kevin, Kristin and Jacob

Oh yeah- we are H-O-T hot!

We decided to do some holiday crafts for the kids and we also had a reindeer food bar which was way fun.

Each child had their own unique formula for the reindeer food... it was so cute!

Very serious

Each year we do a gift exchange between the kids, this year we decided that it would be nice to have an ornament exchange so that they would have a great new memory each year.

These are backwards, but you can tell how excited he was!

The party ended with some good old fashioned dancing..... good times were had people.

Holly spinning Josh and Delaney and Brody rockin out on the side.


  1. Oh Eric definitely rocked it! I think we should start a new tradition next year with a party for all our kids! Crafts, maybe a gift about you plan it and I'll show up : )

  2. ooh mary, i LOVE it :) y'all do the craft part and i can do cookies :) btw, eddie, i mean eric, is so HOT! :)

  3. I wanted to have a gingerbread house decorating party for our kids, but then a little person decided to make her debut early, so that went out the window (ask Ami, I really did have the thought.) Next year, we'll do it & I 'm totally down for having it at my house, but it won't look like Kelle Hampton's!


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