Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Winterhaven 2011

Another family tradition that we have established is going to Winterhaven each year. Winterhaven is a wonderful little neighborhood that decorates like crazy. Clark Griswold would be proud. We knew this year would be fun because we had been hearing the kids reactions to some random houses that are decorated in our neighborhood and we couldn't wait to show them!

This year, we opted for the wagon instead of the stroller. I figured Delaney would want to walk most of the time and Brody would get tired so this would be a safe move. Unfortunately, the weather was less than favorable. It was windy and cold. And I when I say cold, I mean cold enough for the kids to notice. Delaney instantly wanted to be bundled up in the wagon and Brody actually kept a hat on his head.

Eric with all his kids!

"Why in the hell is it so cold-it's Tucson"

The kids did not disappoint. The first house we saw they were freaking out. We walked through the neighborhood looking for our favorite houses. Brody decided he wanted to walk and Delaney was just too cold to get out. She did, however, get out when she saw the house adorned with all the Disney princesses, Rapunzel included. She was giddy.

Loving the princess house

My little stud

She loves her big sister

And he loves his big brother.

My boys

I love this tradition. I love that the big kids go to see the little kid's reactions. I love that Eric gets all into it and gets excited to see a blow up Mickey. I love my family.


  1. More traditions I can't wait to share with Brinley! Glad you had fun with the whole family : )

  2. looks like you all had fun! i am such a loser that when we went i didn't take the cute group pictures like you did, i'm jealous! you have such a great family!


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