Monday, December 19, 2011

Snow, snow, snow

I suddenly realized how long it has been since I have done a post! Christmas is only six measly days away and I am sorry to admit that we are not so much ready yet. I swear it was just Thanksgiving. December has been the busiest month that I can remember. I have had quite a few jewelry shows (which I am grateful for), we've had parties, class, shopping, more parties plus our annual family events that we don't really have time for, but come hell or high water we are doing them. The laundry situation in my home has officially hit the out of control status. It is embarrassing to admit that our clean clothes have not made it into the closet or dresser but instead have ended up in an entirely different room all together; in the office on the futon. Yes folks, we get dressed in the office. Two days of not doing laundry and it gets all crazy on me!

Last week we decided to take a trip out to the fancy outdoor mall to see the "snow" show that they put on. In reality, it's soap bubbles shooting from the second story, but the kids don't care. It last about 10- 15 minutes and then we move on.

Excited for the snow

"When is it coming?"

Here it comes!

Seriously- could she BE any more serious?

"I don't get it..."

These people are super smart too. The toy store in the shopping center is in the courtyard where the snow storm takes place. As soon as it's finished, people file into the store and peruse the goodies. We, however, walk briskly up one side and down the other. Delaney quickly found some Calico Critters which are about twice as much as the look a likes she has from Target and didn't quite get why I quickly made her put them down escaping the risk of puncturing the stupid little things. $25.00 for a family of no.

Me and my little man

We did decide to take a stroll down to AJs to get some hot cocoa and cookies. We just hung out in the little courtyard they have and watched all the people walk by. Daylen brought his friend Wyatt and we all had a nice relaxing evening. Of course, on the way out, Delaney was watching her daddy dance as he walked and wasn't aware of his feet and fell flat on her face, hot chocolate flew through the air and the infamous Delaney scream was heard throughout La Encantada.
"Can I touch it?"

Can not believe this is my daughter now. Here is the last time we went...

At Aj's

Brody, Wyatt, Daylen and Delaney.... good times.

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  1. I can't believe what a difference a year makes! Brody has grown up. I love how you take pictures of the kids together with a nice background.


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