Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The time is right!

Timing. Timing is everything. Since becoming a mom I have learned to time such things as dinner, naps, outings, etc. Even before becoming a mom, I realized that timing resulted in meeting Eric and really, I had not a thing to do with it. I admit that I  have a hard time when things I have planned do not work out- or I guess when they don't work out when I want them to. God has a plan for us. The funny thing is, with us, the plans happen pretty quickly. When Eric and I got engaged, we got married six months later. Two months after that, we bought a new house. Two weeks after moving into the house, I got knocked up! Oh and let's not forget when Princess Delaney was just 9 months old, birth control could not stop little Brody man from being conceived. We moved, again, when Monkey man was just 3 weeks old. And yes, we moved, yet again, a year or so later- that move landed us here. Right now we are 3 minutes from the big kids, in a 5 bedroom, two story house, with a train that runs through our friggin backyard. Who knew that a train came through here every 20-30 minutes. Oh and in the middle of the night, it's a lot more frequent. By the way, did you know that it is the law that train conductors must blow their horns 4 times when going through an intersection? Oh yes, it is true. And you know that each conductor has his own unique blow (hehehe). It's thrilling really.

Where am I going with this you ask? Well, Eric and I found a house that was on auction and we decided to try and win it. Eric can build anything, which is the only reason I agreed to live in the ridiculous house that we were trying to get. Turns out, we didn't get it. It was a big hoopla, bologna system that had to have been rigged somehow. I was less than lady-like when we didn't get the house. Bad timing.

Of course, the world ended in my head. We were doomed forever. That was our only chance of happiness and getting to renovate, blah, blah, blah. I was not listening to the voice in my head saying, "Just wait, something better will come". Mainly, I wasn't listening because the stupid train was blowing it's horn and I couldn't hear it.

These are the situations that show how well Eric and I are suited for each other. My "the world is over" attitude is promptly rebutted with all the reasons everything is and will be better than okay. He calms me down and then we get on with our lives.

I felt something was going to change. I didn't know what, but I knew that I needed to keep my eyes open. One day, I randomly saw a piece of land for sale near my parents house and I casually mentioned it to Eric and he said, "Let's go look at it." I was like, "WHUUUT?" So off we went.
To make a long, long story short- WE BOUGHT IT! We are now the proud owners of an acre of land.

There it is! That's our land!! I am sure that when you look at, fireworks go off all around it too.

 I am super stoked. I am not concerned about building a house at all.  Why?  See I have this:
That is Brody man on his back- when he was just 5 months old:(


That's right. That man right there is gonna build me a house. A house that WE want. A house that has "US" in every wall, in every tile, in every toilet.... well you get what I mean. Eric is so cute- the second we decided to put in an offer- he sketched out our house. Wanna see?

There's our house- isn't it awesome?

So here's where the craziness sets in. We need to downsize. We need to 'suffer' for about a year so we can build. Our goal? In about six months, get a construction loan and go for it. We found a house around the corner from my sister so that will be fun since little Griffin is about to make his debut any day now. Good timing huh? It is a wittle house. It is 3 bedrooms- in fact I think there is a total of 5 rooms in all. It has a tiny backyard, but it's a house. It is much less expensive than the one we are currently in, which is a major plus. The littles will share a room once again. We just ventured a trip to IKEA and bought them a bunk bed actually (insert freaking out here). There is no playroom so organization will be a challenge, but I can think of no other challenge that I would rather take on. We are selling a crap ton of stuff this weekend at a garage sale and will put the rest in "storage"- also known as the garage, we're saving money here people. Cable will be a luxury we will no longer have. Goodbye Tori and Dean, I will miss you terribly. Can't say I am too sad to say goodbye to Jimmy Johnson Fishing or the Barrett Jackson Auction (if Netflix has those, I will freak).

I can do anything for a year. At least that's what my mom has repeatedly told me. All I know is that we are going to build. Our. Own. House. Yes, we move like we are running from the law, but this one, is the last one, before our super house is built.

Ya know what's cool? Eric has been building mansions for people (and I mean mansions- like 10 million dollar houses) and he knows all the secrets. Our house will not cost a fraction of what those cost, but Eric will make it a mansion. Our mansion- which will be not too big, not too small. Just right. For us. The timing could not be better.

PS. my 40 bags in 40 days has been far surpassed. We are getting rid of everything and anything we don't need, love or use. Kinda painful, but so worth it:)


  1. Congratulations! That is so exciting! I've always wanted to build my own house! It will be soooo awesome!!! Good Luck with everything!!

  2. jealous! won't it be nice to finally settle in your own place that you love? good for you! i am happy for you :)

  3. Congratulations. Believe me, your mom and I truly know that "you can do anything for a year" as long as you have good friends or family to laugh and cry with you.


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