Tuesday, April 17, 2012

"I am free today"

Dear Brody,

     Happy birthday little man! Today, you are three! Or "free" as you say. These past three years have flown by! It feels like just yesterday that I was holding my solid little, yellow baby in my arms. You definitely make this family whole. Right now, you are way into cars, trucks, especially garbage trucks, Max and Ruby, Curious George and anything that can produce water. You are also very into pouring one thing into another. Doesn't matter what it is.... whether it's water from one cup to another, or an entire container of sugar into a pitcher- you do it. Your daily jobs are: putting clothes in the hamper, putting your dirty dishes in the sink and filling up the dog's water. You have a small obsession with dog poop- we are hoping that means you may be some kind of butt doctor or something when you grow up. Annoying your sister is your main goal during the day though.... you are good at it.

I love that you are so cuddly. Each morning you get in bed with me and cuddle right up next to me and lay your head on my shoulder. The same thing after your nap (except I am on the couch- not in bed, Eric). You still love your blankie and can't sleep without it. This year you will get to go to Vacation Bible School with Delaney and I will probably cry when I leave the church parking lot that morning because you are such a big boy now.

Thank you for making life so full and so happy, Monkey. I can't imagine what life would be like without you.
You are my bud and we love you so much.



  1. He is so big!! I can't believe he is three!!! What the heck? He looks like a little man now, no more baby boy

  2. Your Brody letter made me cry :) Love that little boy soooooo much! He really is a cuddle monkey and he really does make your family complete!


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