Thursday, April 26, 2012

What? Easter?

I have SO many pictures to post about it's overwhelming. I am not so sure where to start.... so I picked one. Easter this year was spent at our new house. Unfortunately, it was spent in a big ol mess. We had only been in the house for a week or so and the whole week before was spent getting out of the old house and cleaning it. But nevertheless, the Easter Bunny made his appearance at the Mikkelson casa. The Easter Bunny was sympathetic to the new digs and knew that we needed Easter baskets on the smaller side and we appreciated that.

We quickly got dressed and headed out to church. We discussed once again what Easter meant and how it DID NOT mean that when Jesus died, he then pooped out jellybeans (as the bunny does on the movie Hop) and had my weekly talk with her about not kicking during worship. Oh and I should disclose that Delaney found the hat she is wearing on clearance at Target and was very insistent on wearing it... all the time.

Church was great. We love our church. After the service, we picked up the kids and made them pose Our good friends, Courtney and Ian were there with their kiddos.

Is it just me, or do our kids kid look like giants compared to the others....

After the photo op, we headed to my mom's for an Easter brunch and egg hunt. They ran into the house, checked out their baskets and literally dumped them out so they had something for the hunt. I was trying to make them wait for my sister, Joe and my adorable new nephew, but they were not havin it.
Tearing into it (and yes, camera is on the wrong setting)
On a mission.

I love the hand on the hip
Checking out the loot

Nap time was unsuccessful that afternoon- totally random. I guess it's because Brody fell asleep on the way home from my mom's for like 5 minutes and was seriously like he drank a Red Bull or something. He was not going to sleep for anything. Eric and I were a little apprehensive about taking the kids over to Holly's (Eric's step-sister) house for the afternoon, but alas we ventured forth with our mission. To our wonderful surprise, the kiddos were awesome! They had an awesome egg hunt where the bigger kids actually helped the littles. The grown ups were able to sit and talk and have some beverages and just enjoy the afternoon. When Brody climbed up onto my lap and asked to get in the car, I knew it was time to jet.
ON the run
Found one!!
Josh helping Brody
Aunt Holly helping out Delaney

Yes, we made the big kids look too!
Oh and I just love this picture of Delaney- CJ and Josh have all the goods when it comes to Mickey stuff and she dressed herself and came out to say hello- love her.

All in all, good Easter with the fam.

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