Sunday, April 29, 2012

Brody man's bday (Part uno)

Our little man turned three on April 17th. We decided to have a party the weekend before at a park. Who knew that it would be so hard to find a park that was not so ghetto. The only park that is beautiful, is also very scary, but that's another post:)
The weather that weekend was very strange. It was super cold and rainy which made me a little nervous about his party. We were crossing our fingers, toes, legs, eyes, whatever, for the rain to hold off. Plus, that Sunday was also the Air Show so we really didn't want any rain.
Brody wanted a garbage truck themed party and I ordered the cutest package from a girl on Etsy never freakin came. She never emailed it to me or responded to my emails. Can you say bummer? So Eric and I quickly came up with some last minute decor (okay, I say 'we' but really it was all Eric) and we headed to the park. I have decided that birthday parties are stressful and expensive!! Holy crap! We decided to have a smaller party this year and I think that helped a little. I must say, I get so touched when I see how many people care about our family- it means so much to us.
(The kids each took home a garbage can filled with crap that their parents, I am sure, quickly disposed of cursing my name, but oh well:)
Don't look at my butt (even though you just did, huh) but check out the decor compliments of the hubs. Yes, my friends, that is garbage garland. He literally picked trash out of the trash can and strung it on fishing line. Stay classy babe.... we love ya just the way you are.

The park was super ghetto- no power, which I was told was there so the crock pot was then plugged into my sister-in-law's car, and the slide was boarded up because of a missing rail which had jagged glass all around. Perfect for kids.
This is the slide that was broken, so the kids decided to climb up and see how many they could fit before the parents freaked- turns out- quite a few.

The kids ran around, we ate some grub, sang happy birthday to the little guy and had some cupcakes. We did not open presents there- I know that is kinda silly, but this way Brody was able to enjoy it a bit more and I was able to see what he was getting and then all the kids didn't have to just sit and watch. I know this will change as they get older, but for now, this works:)
Singing happy birthday
Because we were kinda stuck for cupcake toppers- my dad brought some unused beer bottle caps and we used those for decoration
Mary feeding Brinley. I like the strollers in the background. It's like they are having a little discussion and don't worry, no babies were in there.
My girl
Jaxon- so ready for his trash can and to go to the air show
Nana (my momma) and her grandsons. The little guy in the blanket is my new nephew, Griffin. This was his first party (more pictures of him to come).

I am also a little bit of a party nazi- I like to keep it flowing. The party started at 10:00 and was over at noon- like really we were in the car (we were headed to the air show). Brody had a blast. He opened his gifts after we got home from the air show and was so excited. We are truly blessed.

I love this little boy so much.
 Part dos tomorrow.....

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