Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Family Fun at the Fair!

It seems as if April and October are two of the busiest months of the year. It just so happens that those are the months Delaney and Brody were born in. Seriously, though, there is a crap ton that goes on during those two months. So much so, that I had to wait until May to post about it. The Pima County Fair comes to town each year in April and we love to go. Now, I am a big chicken when it comes to rides. Like a big chicken- like the Big Red Chicken that is on Dora big. I have this unheatlhy ability to freak myself out and then get freaked out about the possibility of something freaking the kids out. Ugh, freaky deaky. Moving on.... we headed out to the fair. This was our first time sans the stroller . Daylen was with us, but had hurt his back and wasn't going to ride any rides. The kids were awe struck. They were looking around, walking into people's crotches (totally eye level people- so funny), and begging to go on rides. We bought our "tickets" (which is just a card they load a number on, which I find rather difficult because who wants to do subtraction at the fair? I would much rather just count how many I have left) and headed straight to the merry-go-round. Delaney is big enough to ride by herself on many rides, but we had to ride some with Brody. So Eric and I loaded the kids on the ride and I braced myself for the lovely circular motion paired with the smell of fried food and sweaty people and I try not to vomit. I soon forgot all the crap that was going on around us and just watched the kids and listened to the squeals and I was good.

We made our way to the petting zoo. Last time, the goats were munching on Delaney's hair, so we made sure to prepare for that ahead of time. Once we were in, we immediately noticed this totally pissed off pregnant goat. She was head butting everything and any one that got her way. She was seriously mean! There were these cute little prego pot belly pigs and she was shoving them too! We did not stay too long in there.
This is actually the tiger exhibit thing

Petting the babies
A jackass and a cute little donkey (just kidding babe...luv u)

We made our way to kiddie section. The kids were totally excited. The Bumble Bees were there again this year and Delaney begged to go on them. I believe this ride needs to be retired or at least severely maintained. It was scary sketchy. The ride grinded (way loud) the entire time. Eric and Brody's bee may or may not have made it completley to the top and when the ride did go up, it squealed like the bee was about to fall to it's death at any moment. I realize it doesn't make me 'the cool mom' to white knuckle it on a kid's ride, but this one was way freaky folks. Brody spied the Monster Truck ride while we were on the Death Bees and quickly made it known that he wanted to ride them. He really wanted D-man (Daylen) to go on it with him, so being the good big brother he is, he climbed in and endured the bumpy ride (yes Eric and I seemed to had forgotten at this point about his back, so we felt awful, but I know they both had fun).

Not excited at all!
On the freaky bees

This thing hauled booty! Poor Daylen, but Brody was on cloud 9
Pilot Brody
Flying the helicoptor

At this point, we had made it through half the fair with no incident. I should have known. We decided to get something to eat and as we were walking Delaney let out this bloody murder scream. For reals, the Piggly Wiggly people came out to see what was happening, there was a small crowd staring, wondering what the hell was going on. I immediatly pick her up and am searching for a scorpion, a bee, a wasp, a snake even. I ripped her shoes off of her, rubbed her down basically, all the while she is purple and passing out (cuz that's how she rolls) and Eric is involved in the search. What was it? A grasshopper. Yep, one of those jumping grasshoppers jumped onto her leg and she flat out freaked. She kept reliving it until Eric "stomped on it" (it has since jumped onto another unsupecting kid) and then she was fine.

Not into the 'music'
Delaney was in awe of the mega drop

We got some amazing sonoran dogs and fries and sat down to listen to the music. The music was awful. I guess it would've been nice, if you enjoy that screaming kind. The kids hated it too, but we pointed out the Mega Drop ride and they were enamored with it. We decided to walk over and watch it a little closer. I do not know how people ride that ride. Staight up crazy. Speaking of crazy, Delaney and Brody saw the big, enormous slide and wanted to try it. I'm not sure what I was thinking when I agreed, but we headed up to the top. In case you don't know me, or remember, I have a slight, paralyzing fear of heights. We had decided that Delaney would sit with Eric and Brody would be with me. About half way up, I began to have 'the fear'. I comtemplated turning around, leaving my 3 year old and heading back down the stairs, but the line behind me was too long. So instead, I pressed on, yelling at poor Brody the whole time to hurry up. We get to the top, Eric sits down and they load Delaney on. I sit down and my heart was pounding. They put Brody on my lap, and the crazy slide lady tries to push us! I watched as Eric and Delaney FLY down the slide and completely regret my decision to be brave. The lady tries to push me again and I hang on to the rail until she tells me to let go. Special moment, let me tell ya. So there we go- sliding down the mammoth hill and poor Brody is grabbing my jeans so tightly as I was trying to slow us down by pushing my legs out. Needless to say, we made it. Delaney LOVEd it. Brody, not so much. He and I decided no  more slide.

We ended up back at the kiddie area and Delaney wanted to go on the kid version of the enormous slide which was still ginormous. Eric told her she could go by herself and I was less than pleased. I imagined her getting half way up, her legs freezing and her wanting to turn around (oh wait, that was me). Well she shocked the you-know-what outta me. I watched her as she pranced her cute little booty up the slide with the sack thrown her over her shoulder, watched her sit and then watched her fly down the slide. I was shocked. She was so flippin brave. She actually cried because we did not have anymore tickets and she couldn't go again.

There she goes....all alone....
I was still shocked at this point
Big. Ass. Slide.
THere she goes!
Made it!
Such a big girl

The evening was topped off with some fried Snickers and enormous ice cream cones. The fair delivered, but I would expect nothing less when it comes to my family.


  1. look at little miss thing going down a big ass slide all by herself! wow! :) so cute!

  2. Holy Crap! I am so impressed with Delaney! Jaxon didn't want to go down the tube slide in the kiddy fun house. She's a rockstar!

  3. Oh! I love your pics! I really wished of a Disney Vacation since I was young and now I am planning to make it possible in Christmas. Thanks for sharing your adventure!


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