Friday, May 4, 2012

And the Thunder Rolls.....

It's been two years since the Air Show, now known as Thunder and Lightening Over AZ,  was here and we were super excited. It fell on Brody's birthday weekend, which was also the weekend of the crappy weather. We decided to forgo the Air Show on the windy, cold day and decided to brave it after Brody's birthday party. My dad came with us which we love, because he knows all about the jets (he used to fly A-10s and F-16s, both of which we saw there) and Delaney loves to hear all about them.

The last time we all went to the Air Show, Delaney was NOT a fan of the Thunderbirds, so we came prepared with big ol headphones this time.
Waiting in the security line with Granddaddy.
Delaney: "Here. Do this with your foot."
So they do.
And....we're in!
Checking out the 747
Sitting in the helicoptor. She was lovin this
So did he!

The kiddos shared some Dippin' Dots and chilled for a bit in the jogger

Then my dad saw an A-10 and they all went over to check out the pilots plane. and of course, he bought a sticker:)

The weather was wonderful! Brody was tired, which I knew he would be, but I really thought he would try to make it. He didn't. Little man was passed out.


I dunno why, but I just love this picture. This is Delaney and Granddaddy checking out the flag that is on the F-16.
Checking out more planes
She decided that the A-10 fly bys were a bit too loud, so she put on the headphones.
And continued to wear them in the potty, while she walked, and whenever she didn't want to listen to what we were saying, she would say, "I can't hear you" and then proceed to do whatever she wanted
Trying to figure out the best place to watch the Thunderbirds, close to the exit to escape the mass exodus as soon as the show finished.
Awake, but oh so grumpy. I am pretty positive, I even put Coke in his water bottle to try and wake him up. That' s right people, Coke- judge all ya want.

We had some ice cream, looked at planes, met a Thunderbird pilot whose uniform was quite well tailored, just sayin', learned some stuff and made some memories. Next time the Thunder rolls...the kids will be 5 and and almost 7.....:( Holy smokes that's a crazy thought.


  1. Did I blink?? Just turn my head for a second and those babies of yours turned into kids?? Wonderful, funny, sweet, unpredictable and filled with so much personality kids :) It makes me smile to think that the first time dad met Eric was at the air show --- family history marches on.

  2. 5 and 7??? Why oh why did you do that math? Ugh. Time goes by too fast.

  3. This looks so much cooler than the recent air show we took our kiddos to. Great pics! Stopped by from SITS Spring Fling.

  4. What fun! I think I may have to follow your blog - I have two step sons too - one lives with us and one with his mom, and we have the little Bunny who's almost 4 and is definitely Daddy's Little Girl.
    Stopped by from SITS Spring Fling too.


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