Friday, June 15, 2012

Breakers, Baby!

One of the items on my Summer Bucket List included taking the kiddos the one and only water park in Tucson (again, I find this so stupid that we don't have more). Originally, that idea included Eric. But since I'm a go with the flow kinda girl (please control your laughter), my friends and I decided to make it a big play date. I was a little intimidated with this outing, not gonna lie. It's not a huge park, but still large enough to lose a kid pretty quickly. Brody and Delaney are fast. Like Dash from The Incredibles fast. In my easy going personality way, I analyzed every disaster, planned each hiccup that could happen and of course did not think about the fact that I had to wear a bathing suit with all my skinny friends.
The night before the event, I explained to the kids that if they ran away or didn't listen to me, we would leave immediately. In my head, I knew that wouldn't happen because it costs  a small fortune to even go in and I was not going to waste the money or time, but hey they didn't know that. But, still, I needed them to understand the urgency of the situation. Man, it's a good thing I am so easy going, or this trip could have gotten way complicated. The morning arrived. Delaney was in her suit before I woke up. Brody, bless his heart, had tried, but both his legs were in one of the legs holes and the elastic around the leg made it impossible for him to get out of. We addressed the situation and moved on. Lunches were made, the bags were packed, my bathing suit on my body (no turning back now).
We loaded up in the killer mini van and drove the 45 minutes to get to park. We were meeting our homies at 10:00 and we were right on time! We waited in line, paid our life savings, had our bags violated and made it into the park. My kids were already in by the time I made it in, I think they were hand in hand with Ami? maybe the triplets? I dunno- they were safe and my mouth was still on the floor gasping at the cost of this place. Mary found some shade and the lathering of sunscreen commenced. I took the kids to the bathroom and suddenly realized that is not nearly as much fun as it used to be to go to the bathroom, past the lifeguards, sashaying in your bathing suit with a kid about to pee on you , as it was when you were 15 and the 17 year old lifeguards were checking you out. Ahh...motherhood. 
The bathrooms are far. They are by the entrance. I find this stupid. And the ground is hot. I think they do this because they like to watch people walk as if they are walking on hot coals. I am not Oprah- that is not an item on MY bucket list. 
I took my shorts off- I have a flag bikini. Yes- I realize horizontal stripes on a big booty may not be the wisest choice, but I had a coupon! Ami said she felt the need to salute my butt and sing- I turned around and said go for it;)  They little kid area was cute. The water-cold. Like manhood shriveling cold. There were slides, a big mushroom shower thing, and a cold water being splashed as the kids went by. 

Brody  man having some fun!
The little kids area

Loving life
Delaney Grace
The waves came on in the wave pool so we headed that way. The wave pool which much warmer, no doubt due to the amount of pee in there considering how far the bathrooms are. Delaney had a monster attitude at this point because she was too little for the slide, but I chose to ignore it. The wave pool was fun- Brody loved it! They could walk out pretty far and still touch the bottom, so that was cool. It was always when we were in the middle of the pool that Brody would say, "Oh, I gotta pee" and I would scoop him up, ask whoever was closest (of my friends, not strangers) to watch Delaney and run like Pamela Anderson in Baywatch towards the bathroom. Pretty sure I did this 4 times. 

Brinley (planning her escape) and Mary watching Delaney

Lunch was in the parking lot- that's right. Mom's mobile restaurant. Not too shabby though, air conditioning, movie and food

After lunch I really thought we would leave but the kids wanted to go back! We did the sunscreen lather once again and headed to the wave pool. I just have to say...I love my friends. It was a stressful place to be with so many kids, but we each looked after everyone. And there's something us all sitting there-post babies- that makes your mind forget about the red, horizontal stripes (did I not mention the stripes are red? cuz they are) that are adorning your bum, and just chill and talk, and chase the kids. Good times. And then, as we are all hanging in the pool, my little girl SWAM, with no floaties, under the water to me!! Such a moment! And my friends were there to see! I was so proud!

Delaney actually saying "Yes! We're back!"
Brody kept filling his hat with water and then putting it on his head. Funny for all involved!
Delaney, on the other hand, was appalled.
Delaney, Brody and Jaxon
Love her little body!
Hunter, Ethan and Delaney
Jen entertaining the crew- so cute!
Maybe a shark? Or maybe, "Okay guys how about...."
Hmm....I taste pee.
Jaxon, Delaney and Hunter
Brody running to tell me he got hurt- Hunter thinking she's just playing with Brody:)
Baby Brinley looking sassy:)

Unfortunately, my kids are slightly routine orientated and Brody was feeling nap time. He was ready to crash, but not Delaney. So I had to bring out my impressive parenting skills and do what any of my friends would do- bribe them. Ice cream was mentioned and they were out of the pool like the swimmers in Jaws. 
One pissed off pirate Brody
One, "I'm getting ice cream" pirate Delaney

We quickly changed and headed to the car. The conversation that was occurring in the backseat went like this, "That was the best day Brody wasn't it?" "Yeah, gawaney, it was a good day." And then silence- they were out. My heart was full, happy, and tired.

Good memories, good friends and a check on our bucket list.

Loves of my life.

Oh and happy birthday Mom, We love you so much!

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  1. Oh my goodness!!! Loved the post and the cute. They melt my heart. Thanks for the birthday wishes! Love you.

  2. There are so many comments I want to make, but I'm laughing too hard....the warm pee water....the saluting of the butt (which you know I ONLY did because we discussed your patriotism on the car ride was a GREAT outing and I love that we make stressful things like this happen and make it look almost, comically, effortless!

  3. I started giggling at the mental image of Brody stuck in one leg of his bathing suit ... and I've never even met him!


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