Friday, June 29, 2012

Little nuggets....

Since I have some new followers I thought I'd take a minute to let you all know some random facts about me. Are you just dying to know? I thought so. For your Friday reading pleasure, I give you the list (in no particular order. Just the order that popped into my head):

1. I hate white milk- I only drink chocolate and I drink a glass everyday- like I'm 4 years old.

2. I hate working out. Okay, that's not entirely true. I love Zumba. There's something about shaking your bon bon that is so freeing.

3. If I could drink Dr. Pepper all day long- I would. Mmmmm....

4. The chore I love the most? Mega Monday clean-up (I'll explain next week)

5. The chore I hate the most? Stupid laundry. I truly suck at it and I get all defensive if Eric simply asks if I did laundry. Seriously, I go all Jerry Maguire on him (you know the scene, when he's leaving the office and he freaks about manners.... that's me. Jerry Mableeping guire). In fact, he has quit asking, and now just buys new socks and boxers so he has some clean and hides the bag from me. 

6. I leave clothes on the floor in the bathroom or  right next to the laundry basket (I do this because I feel like if the pile keeps getting bigger, Eric will know that I did not do laundry. But I guess he notices that clothes all over the floor too- observant he is)

7. I could eat Olive Garden's soup, salad and bread sticks for every meal. That or taco Bell. 

8. I turn the radio down when I get lost and I get lost a lot.

9. At church, I always fix the pew shelf thing. You know- the thing in front of you that has the Bible, some kleenex, a pen, giving envelopes, etc. Drives me nuts when they are all crooked. Eric and my dad both try to mess with me-they push things on top of each other at the most inopportune times- like right before we pray. I can't take it though, it must be fixed.

10. I am super afraid of birds. They are out to get me. They always poop on me and stare at me with their nasty beady eyes and I feel like they are always giving me the finger with their long, freaky feet. Especially peacocks. They are the scariest. They come right up to me at the zoo and taunt me. Ugh. So I apologize in advance if you are ever with me and I push you in front of me to shield me from the scary foul.

Look- he's gonna peck me.

11. I am obsessed with chap stick and pajama pants. Eric does not find either sexy. I say, I'm bringing sexy back.

12. The show Friends=my fav. That and Nick and Jessica (I am aware they are divorced, but I still heart it to death) and Tori and Dean.

13. I desperately want to go on a beach vacation (aka honeymoon) with Eric but am afraid I will have to be heavily sedated and be carried onto the airplane-drooling all the way. Not sexy. Yes, my father is a pilot, I understand the irony, but let's get one thing straight- I am not a pilot, therefore, my fear of flying is legit. Too legit to quit in fact.
Atlantis Hotel, Bahamas

14. I am a beer drinking, football fanatic. Sit me down with a bunch of guys, I'll scratch myself, burp, eat crap and yell at the refs with the best of em. In fact, in a true romantic gesture, I told Eric that for my birthday/anniversary/Christmas, I want Bears tickets (they are playing the Cardinals in Phoenix December 23). No flowers, no jewelry, no sweet dinner- football tickets. 

15. I can't leave the house with it being a mess. I must have everything picked up, the dishes must be done and the beds made. It will literally put me in a bad mood knowing that we will be going home to a messy house. In fact, I obsess about it the whole time we are gone. Way to ruin a moment, right?

16. I was the drum major of my high school's marching band (not a drummer, the conductor). I was also a cheerleader. In addition, I was a pretty awesome synchronized swimmer. No, not a joke. I rocked the nose plugs- I'm pretty sure that fact is what sealed the deal with Eric;) I told you, I'm bringing sexy back.

17. Feet. They gross me out. I don't like touching them, smelling them, playing footsie (ugh, makes me cringe). No one is allowed to touch my feet either. And when I see people in public places that take their shoes off, I want to give them socks and a flick of the ear. Seriously, folks. Church is not a place to itch the bottom of your feet. God's house is not "please remove your shoes" kind of place. 

18. I have an obsession with Target. And organizing things. Eric has cut me off. He says I have a problem, to which I reply, "how many carburetors do you have?"  Boo-yah.

19.  I am always cold. Unless I am dying of heat. But I am usually cold. There really is no in between for me.

20. I eat grape jelly with my eggs, peas with my mashed potatoes, ketchup with my grilled cheese and ranch with my fries... my tongue is never bored (that's what she said:)

So there ya go... all the randomness that makes me, me and what made Eric fall madly in love with me (or maybe fell in love with me despite of these facts). 

I would love to know what random things make you awesome.
Please share.

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  1. love all your facts sista!! You are amazing!!!

  2. Hmmmm....I turn the radio down when I get lost too. Or drive into a parking lot - or sit in too much traffic. Weird.

  3. with ya on the feet thing! please don't pick at your callouses at a restaurant! i don't care if it is mickey d's, ewwww!

  4. The straightening the pew thing? Yeah. I have that too, even though I haven't visited a church in awhile. I must also straighten the magazines in a checkout line or shirts on a rack in a store. It's ridiculous.

  5. Love the you hate laundry. I totally shove it down in our basket so it looks like I actually did it!

  6. Whahaha Awesome! Good idea too...


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