Monday, July 2, 2012

Menu plan Monday: July 2, 2012

It's Monday. How in the world is it Monday already?! We have a busy week! It's Daylen's birthday, 4th of July, and just our normal crazy lives! We are still cleaning out our pantry, fridge and freezers if you can believe it! Last week we spent $60 on groceries....that included milk, creamer, fresh fruit and veggies, and some lunch meat for Eric's lunch (oh and pull-ups- I get nervous to send Brody to church for three hours in chonies- and those were $10)! This week we hope to spend even less!

Here is our menu:

Monday: Daylen's favorite: Costco Tilapia, green beans, rice
Tuesday: Roast, red potatoes, carrots, mashed potatoes
Wednesday: Burgers, tater tots, corn.
Thursday: Dinner at sister's-in-law:)
Friday: Sweet and Sour chicken (new recipe) and brown rice
Saturday: Date night maybe??

We've totally cut back on our 'snack food'. Delaney is obsessed with granola bars and the way we go through them, makes them expensive! So we searched Pinterest and found a great, simple recipe to actually make them! Check back tomorrow for the recipe (and pictures). 

Another way we have been saving money and getting healthier is we stopped buying sodas. I must admit, I do miss having soda in the house, but seriously, if it's in the house, I will drink. NO will power. When we are dying of thirst and have had enough water, we drink two different things.

One: Green tea with honey (in a mason jar, because everything is better in a mason jar)

Two: Shaklee's Cinch energy tea mix. It's got just what I need in the middle of the day to give me a little extra energy (without all the jitters). We sweeten it up with either Stevia or honey. It's great- gluten free, no artificial flavors, sweeteners, colors, or preservatives added. And of course, we drink it in a mason jar;)

I keep both the green tea bags and the Cinch packets in a sugar packet container right next to the stove:)
Super handy!

**Tomorrow night, there will be a FREE webinar that discusses all the awesomeness that is Shaklee. It will discuss the products a bit and answer any questions you might have about the amazing opportunity. It is a wonderful, non-threatening way to hear about the business. It's easy- you register (top right of the blog, a lady, staring at the on her) and then when the time comes, you log on, sit back and enjoy! If you are wondering if working from home really works, this is proof. Check it out.**

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