Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Backpack, Car or Fish Food?

I realize that I promised a recipe with pictures today for no-bake granola bars, but something has come up in the Mikkelson household that has caused that post to be delayed. We have added two new members to our family. 

We go to a fabulous church. And the children's program? Forget about it {said in my best Joey Tribiani voice}. During the summer, the offer classes for preschoolers on Tuesday. Last week it was water day-lots of water guns, baby pools and an inflatable slide. Today, was all about reptiles. They were able to touch snakes, lizards, turtles and who knows what else. They do a craft project, have a snack that goes along with the lesson (last week they had cupcakes with blue frosting and goldfish to simulate the ocean, ya know, since Jesus walked on water:). Today was extra special. Each child, came home with a Betta fish. Yep, a fish. And when you have two preschoolers, ya get two fish. They sent home a bowl and some fish food to last a couple days too. I must say, watching me leave the church parking lot this morning was quite entertaining. I had two big fish bowls in boxes, Brody's backpack, his snake craft, Delaney's cup, Delaney's shoe (her flip flop broke during class) and then Brody's fish. And then, I had to get it all in the car. Comical, I promise.

She can hardly wait for her turn!

So here we are. We have two fish. Brody is still going back and forth with names. It's consistently between Fish Food, Backpack, or Car- creative that one. And Delaney's fish is named Princess. Surprised?

We headed to Petco when Eric got home from work to get some gravel for the bowls and some conditioning stuff for the water. The kids love the pet store, it's quite funny and loud. When we got home, I let Eric take over the fish duties and said I needed to take pictures, but really I just did not want anything to do with the transfer. 

Maybe a little excited:)

Checking out Car, Backpack, or Fish Food...
Meet: Car or Backpack or Fish Food

There's Princess in there....waiting to transfer to her castle

Fancy, right?
Just keep swimming, just keep swimming.

We don't really have any room for Princess and Backpack, so they are currently residing on our table. Kinda gross, but oh well. So now, as we eat, this is what we look at:

Yep. I feel fancy. 

So there ya have it.


  1. love it!!!! and I say backpack is awesome

  2. Why not Dodge??? You've covered the car and the backpack (kinda... it transports things...) and he has fish tree's in his 'pond' to dodge...
    I was entirely unable to work fish food into a name with the other two...

  3. I'm with Danielle and vote for Backpack....not that Brody will take my vote into consideration, but I just wanted it out there.
    Love the pictures of Delaney anticipating her turn to 'pat' the snake!

  4. I love that the kids got fish! I spent many happy hours at the pet store with Cara and Adam. And there were a few years when our house looked like a pet store....


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