Monday, July 30, 2012

Jiffy Pop ain't so jiffy

We love popcorn in this house. I buy microwave popcorn all the time! I recently found out a new way to make popcorn that is cheaper and better for you! Did you know that microwave popcorn (in the bag) is actually dangerous? It is... Google it... your mind will be blown!

You will need popcorn KERNELS for this! Find a super cool baking dish (like a Pyrex or something along those lines), spray the bottom with Pam (or something equivalent) and cover the bottom with popcorn kernels.

Next step, cover it and put it in the microwave. Now, keep in mind that EVERY microwave is different. We have this itty bitty one and we don't need to popcorn in there longer than 3 min. 30 sec. Yes, there are still some kernels left in the bottom, but it's a heck of a lot better than smelling that nasty burnt popcorn smell...just sayin.

I put some spray butter and salt on there and we are good to go.....

Healthy, yummy, inexpensive popcorn.

Btw.... you can do this with a simple paper bag too. Just put 1/2 cup of kernels in the bag, fold the top over a couple times (so it doesn't pop all over the microwave) and put it in the microwave. Bam.... popcorn. I, however, don't keep paper bags around (trying to save money people), but I thought that was a cool alternative!

Happy popping!

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  1. You are like my new life guru. Where do you get all these fabulous ideas from?? I'll be honest, I wasn't buying it UNTIL you mentioned the spray on butter. Then I was all yours. You had me at 'Butter.'

  2. Ditto what Ami said. Where do you find these neat ideas?? Now I HAVE to go to Target to buy some popcorn kernels and a cute little Pyrex bowl. Does that go against the saving money part?


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